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We offer storage for Highbury, from our new self storage facility in York Way, London, N7, which is only 11 minutes from the centre of Highbury. Residential properties range from one bedroom flats to 5 bedroom houses, but no matter what type of property you are moving to, we will provide excellent service, should you choose to store your furniture and possessions at our new self storage facility during your move, or while your house is being refurbished.

Many people work from home, and often require extra space to store stock. We provide many additional business services, such as receipt and despatch to facilitate small business operational tasks. Businesses can also relax in the knowledge that their stock is secure and accessible.

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Kings Cross storage: 270-276 York Way, Kings Cross, London N7 9PQ

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What we know about Highbury

Highbury is part of the area now known as Islington. The name of Highbury originates from the name of an old manor house which was built on a hill around 1271. The manor house has been destroyed and rebuilt several times and has an eventful history. The house was finally demolished in 1938, and is now the site of Eton House flats, built by the Old Etonian Housing Association in 1939.

The area suffered a lot of war damage so large-scale rebuilding also occurred after the war, including new municipal housing, although some buildings were listed to protect their status. Gentrification in the area followed the housing boom in the early 1980s, and property prices have increased significantly since then.

The Woolwich Arsenal FC moved to Highbury in 1913, and dropped “Woolwich” from its name, and the football stadium has traditionally been referred to as Highbury.

Highbury has an association with many famous bands who used the old Wessex Studios. Highbury Studios, was also used as a film/TV recording studio, but it was demolished in 1960. However, many TV personalities and presenters are still residents in the area.

The area is conveniently located for Central and North London, and it is only 11 minutes from our new self storage facility in Kings Cross.

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