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Storage Shadwell can be provided at our self storage facility in Bow, which offers a service to districts in East London. Our self storage facility  is only 17 minutes by car from the centre of Shadwell. Self storage units can be rented for both personal and business use, and there is no fixed term rental period.

The Attic Self Storage facility in Bow is situated beside the A12, which can be accessed from the A13 in Shadwell

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Bow storage: 500 Wick Lane, Bow, London E3 2TB


London E1 the post code for Shadwell storage

Shadwell is a district associated with the London E1 post code, part of the old traditional East End of London. Our Bow storage facility in E3 is a short drive from the centre of London E1, and should be considered if you are running out of space and need a storage solution. Self storage is also a temporary storage solution during a property move, for storing possessions in a secure, clean, and safe environment, between moving out of one place and moving into another.

Businesses can also benefit from additional services such as collection and delivery, receipt and despatch, and the use of business meeting rooms. Get a quote or contact us today to talk about your requirements.

Information about Shadwell

In the 18th century, the Shadwell Spa produced sulphurous waters in the Sun Tavern fields. The waters were used for medicinal purposes and by local calico printers to fix dyes.

A Hop Festival is sometimes held in September in the hop garden near Cable Street, to commemorate the work of the East Enders in harvesting Kentish hops in the 19th and 20th Century. Our self storage facility is not suitable for storing hops but could be used to store equipment while the hop festival takes place!

In 1969 Shadwell Docks, along with other London docks, was closed and purchased by Tower Hamlets council. During the 1970s, the docks became derelict, before being purchased by the London Docklands development Corporation, who built 169 houses and flats in the basin in 1987. Shadwell DLR station was opened in 1987.

The area has attracted a continuous flow of immigrants and there is a large Indian community around Brick Lane, which is well know for its many Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants.

There have been several recent development projects where properties have been refurbished or new blocks of flats and apartments built. Some new builds have used futuristic modern designs, while others have reconverted local mews to custom-built apartments. The modern architecture has been well integrated into the mixture of Victorian properties built after the war.

So if you are thinking of moving to the area, and need self storage, then get a quote and talk to us.

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