Storage Rental

For many people, renting storage space is the answer to a problem they didn’t realise they could solve. If you have a garage full of old furniture, televisions and even a fridge freezer your son or daughter ever-so thoughtfully brought back from university, we have a solution for that.

Or perhaps you have a spare room, that really is no longer spare, and instead is full of clutter.  Perhaps you’d really like to free up that space so the family can visit, or so you can rent it out to help with London’s extortionate property living costs.

Perhaps your partner likes to buy a new bike every couple of years and now your garage has enough pedal power to drive the average peloton. We have a solution for that too. Or do you work from home and your old invoices and VAT receipts are starting to take over the house? Or have you decided to become zen and take a shot at the art of minimalist living?

At Attic Self Storage, you can rent storage space to help you regain control of your home. With a wide range of storage sizes, monthly rolling contracts and no long-term commitment, you only rent storage space the you need, for the days you need it. That buys you the time to sell those old bikes and pack off your youngest to uni.

How does our storage rental work?

Our storage rental solutions couldn’t be easier.

  1. You ‘guesstimate’ how much personal space you need – a task our storage space estimator can help you with. The storage space estimator will provide you with an idea of how much storage rental space you will need. A handy chart will give you an indication of the storage cost in accordance with personal storage unit size.
  2. Then click on the orange ‘get a quote’ button to find out how much that space will cost.
  3. Finally, enter your details to reserve your space. You can choose between two locations either North or East London, which are conveniently located near major transport links
  4. A member of our award-winning team will then contact you to help confirm your requirements – so don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’re trained to help work out how much storage space you need to rent

When you arrive at the store with your belongings, we will show you where your storage unit is and quickly run through our move-in safety checklist. When you’re ready to move your belongings out, just give us notice – it’s as simple as that.

Want to rent storage space in London? Just get in touch with our team.