Sustainable self storage

Here at Attic Self Storage, we believe that businesses as well as individuals have a major role to play in preserving and maintaining our environment. Indeed, businesses, haulage and industry accounts for the majority of emissions in the UK, which is why we have taken actions to provide a sustainable self storage environment at all our storage locations.

How are we environmentally friendly?

  • we limit our use of energy as far as possible
  • we question the need to use appliances and limit usage to times when its use is indispensable
  • we only use energy from renewable sources
  • we ensure our company vehicles are fuel efficient
  • where possible, we aim to utilise recycled materials
  • where possible, we aim to recycle office waste
  • we encourage our customers and staff to do the same by providing recycling facilities on site
  • we calculate our carbon footprint annually and use an recognised offset scheme to help reduce the impact we have on the environment

Sustainability actions taken in our stores

  • mezzanine decking is sourced exclusively from well managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fibre
  • a significant proportion (over 80%) of the merchandise and packaging we sell is recycled or recylable
  • each store has been fitted with PIR (passive infrared detection) to reduce power consumption so our lights are only on when they need to be.
  • we have fitted compact fluorescent light fittings with electronic starters to further reduce energy consumption, the first in our industry to do so.
  • 100% of power requirements are from renewable sources

Environmental awareness awards

Attic Self Storage has won the award for environmental awareness. Facing competition from over 1,200 stores across the UK, we won the award for our environmental policy, and for the significant investment in low carbon technologies.

Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership


Recycling in our stores

We are serious about what we stand for, which is why we play host to on-site cardboard recycling teams! Bring us your cardboard, old and new, and we will recycle it for you.

Hackney Biodiversity Partnership

Attic Self Storage is a member of the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership whose aim is “to-co-ordinate, communicate, and deliver biodiversity in Hackney, particularly in relation to the delivery of the Hackney Biodiversity Plan (BAP)”. We are kept up to date about local issues concerning the environment.