Spring Cleaning Tips from the Movies

The days are getting longer, birds are singing in the trees and the first green buds are starting to appear. It can only mean one thing… spring cleaning season is upon us. We’ve got a fun brainteaser to distract you from the task at hand, a Facebook competition to win a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner and some spring cleaning tips for when you do eventually knuckle down.

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Spring Cleaning Movie Brain Teaser

For those of you that moan at the sight of a mop, we’ve put together this fun brainteaser to get you in the spring cleaning mood. Can you guess the movies with famous cleaners/cleaning scenes that we’ve referenced in our made-up movie poster? On average, people can only guess 6 out of the 9 correctly and it takes them 2 and a half minutes to do so! Most give up over 3 minutes (although some have tried for a whole 10 minutes). Top tip: if you really want to procrastinate, why not go and watch the films you recognise for some spring cleaning “inspiration”, although the mess will still be there when you get back!


We had a great time coming up with the names of the actors for our fake films and it gave us an idea for a competition. We’d like you to send us your best cleaning puns based on movies. It could be a director or an actor’s name or a movie title. We will pick our favourite pun and the winner will receive a Dyson cordless vacuum. To enter the competition go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions. The competition closes on April 30, 2019, see here for the terms and conditions.

Spring cleaning tips

If it was as easy as it was in the movies, then all you’d have to do is strap some scrubbing brushes to your feet and enlist the help of some elves, magical cleaning implements, concerned local wildlife and a robot. Then it’s merely a case of singing a quick song, doing a little dance then BANG and the job is done. Unfortunately, for those of us facing a mountain of mess in the real world, it’s a little bit harder. So here are our top five spring cleaning tips in checklist form to make it go a bit easier.

1. Prepare your kit

Nothing will make you feel like a cleaning superhero quite like the first tip on our spring cleaning checklist; preparing and laying out your kit. While a cape is not essential, rubber gloves, cloths, a feather duster, scouring pads, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, glass polish, bin bags, mops, limescale remover and paper towels are. We’d even recommend investing in some steel wool to help you remove those really tough stains.

2. Declutter

If you can’t face the prospect of a spot of decluttering, pity the small but very cute robot who had a whole planet to clear up. You didn’t hear him complaining, did you? This is an essential part of your spring cleaning checklist, and dare we say, it’s actually quite therapeutic. The key is to be ruthless, remember, anything you don’t bin or store, you’re going to have to clean. So, sort everything including documents, clothes, bed linen, tools, furniture, toys, bathroom products and ornaments and put them into piles for rubbish, recycling, charity and personal storage.

3. Work from the top down

Once you’ve got rid of the excess clutter, it’s time to get cleaning, You should always clean from the ceiling to the floor, first tidying the room to remove any clutter and then reaching for that feather duster. Dusting the ceiling, light fittings, picture frames, the top of wardrobes, televisions, bookshelves and all other objects above floor level allows the dust and dirt to fall to the floor. The final job is always to mop or vacuum the floor. That’s the only way to make sure your home is truly spotless.

4. Don’t forget the fridge and freezer

Scrubbing away at the fridge and freezer might feel like the sort of job only an evil stepmother would make you do, but this is an essential part of your spring cleaning checklist. Empty your fridge and freezer first, throw away anything that’s passed its use by date and get rid of those jars you opened two years ago. We’ve all got them. Then wipe down the interior of the fridge with a damp cloth and disinfectant and remove any shelves or compartments and give them the same treatment in the sink. Once you’ve finished, if you see a fairy godmother telling you that “you will go to the ball”, open a window and get some fresh air before the disinfectant overwhelms you.

5. Freshen up your rugs

You might give your rugs a quick vacuum during your regular house clean, but giving them a proper freshen up is another of our essential spring cleaning tips. Rugs can really hold onto dirt and odours, so take them outside, hang them on a washing line and give them a really good beating. That will remove the bulk of the dirt and dust. Then give them a vacuum to remove fine dust and apply a carpet shampoo to get them looking as good as new.

There’s more you can do, of course, but follow these five spring cleaning tips and your home will feel like a fresh and revitalised space, perfect for relaxing and watching movies with your feet up.

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