Bonfire Night Burning Bright

Whizz, bang, ka-boom!

Whoosh, crackle, pop!

Remember, remember the 5th of November they say. But with the amount of fireworks lighting up the sky over the past few days it’s hard to forget that it’s that time of year again. You might not see effigies of Guy Fawkes being burnt quite as much these days, but people still love sparklers, mortar bombs, flares, rockets, explosions and seeing things go up in flames.

Sparkler Firework

Unless, of course, it's their prized possessions.

What the blazes were they thinking?

We were mortified to read an article in The Guardian just recently about a terrible blaze that destroyed a self storage facility in Tottenham last year. The warehouse in question burnt to the ground and as many as 500 customers lost everything they had stored there. To make matters worse, the storage provider was not a member of the SSA (Self Storage Association) and did not adhere to the minimum standards required to make sure everyone’s belongings were properly covered.

“I was devastated. The fire burned for 10 days and every morning when I woke up I could smell it. I am still so angry, as I had paid them to look after my stuff and keep it safe,” one of the victims told The Guardian.

Fireproof insurance

Some of our clients may sometimes moan about the cover Attic Self Storage insists they have. But as a fully paid up member of the UK’s Self Storage Association, we take our obligation to provide adequate insurance very seriously. We usually insist that our customers take out AtticSafepolicy, which provides doubly reassuring ‘belt & braces’ cover. You’ll be fully covered at all times, on a new for old basis, and we know the insurance company will pay out. No quibbles, no excuses.

We don't play with fire

At Attic Self Storage we take fire safety very seriously all year around. All our storage units are built from galvanized steel sheeting materials – we don’t use wood, chipboard or plywood as partitioning. Our London facilities incorporate up to date fire detection and early warning systems. We also provide enhanced fire protection to our steel frame construction and in between floors with fire-rated ceilings.

Don't get your fingers burnt

You may well find cheaper places to store your valuables than a branch of Attic Self Storage, but we don’t think that anywhere is more safety conscious or insurance compliant than we are. Come rain, come snow, come Haley’s comet.

Burnt Fingers

If you want secure storage space, with 24-hour access, state of the art CCTV, fire extinguishers and a super sensitive alarm system, Attic Self Storage is the perfect place to bore the pants of your children all year round.

“Yawn! Yawn!”

If you crave flames, gunpowder, explosions and excitement, we suggest you take your family go to a properly organised firework display.

“Ooooh! Ahhhh!”

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