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Dear Dr. Cupid, Valentine’s Day Advice

Dear Dr. Cupid (1) I have been going out with my boyfriend now for 4 years and we are very […]

Dear Dr. Cupid, Valentine’s Day Advice

Dear Dr. Cupid (1)

I have been going out with my boyfriend now for 4 years and we are very much in love. He has met my mum and dad and we both like otters. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was wondering if it would be appropriate for us to move in together? At the moment we both have our own flats, but if we pool what we each spend on rent each month, I think we might be able to afford a mortgage on a place of our own. Is this realistic or am I being a hopeless romantic? Max

Dear Max

I think the idea of you moving in together is both lovely and logical. With your mutual love of otters you sound like you’re made for one another. Why not propose the joint mortgage idea to your partner on Valentine’s Day? But do remember that the size of property you can afford may mean that you both need to put some of your possessions in storage so that your new place doesn’t become too cluttered. I’d suggest you talk to Attic Self Storage who’ve nurtured many a blossoming love affair by providing couples with their first storage space together. What could be more romantic than that? Dr. C

Dear Dr. Cupid (2)

My wife is obsessed with red heart-shaped balloons. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I know she would be delighted if I’d fill our front room with them, but I am not ready to relocate my cactus collection just yet. Apart from obvious alternatives like giving her roses, plying her with chocolates, and cooking her a romantic meal do you have any suggestions for keeping her sweet? Ahmed

Dear Ahmed

Why not rent a sexy storage unit at Attic Self Storage and stuff it full of red heart-shaped balloons? With her very own 24-hour access pin code, your wife can indulge her balloon fetish as often as she likes, without compromising your cactuses. Breathe fresh air into your marriage this Valentine’s Day! Dr. C

Dear Dr. Cupid (3)

Last Valentine’s Day my partner started video taping everything that we do and it has been driving me slowly insane ever since. He has cameras all over the house, and insists on shouting “action” whenever we go to bed. Please help, Katie.

Dear Katie

As a Valentine’s anniversary treat, why not rent a storage unit for your partner at Attic Self Storage? All their facilities are covered by High Definition CCTV 24 hours a day, so he can appear on camera whenever he likes whilst keeping all his fruity films under lock and key. Dr. C

For the love of self storage

Dear Dr. Cupid (4)

Why is it that all your romantic advice seems to revolve around renting a storage unit? Surely there is more to a successful long-term relationship than celebrating Valentine’s Day at Attic Self Storage? Jerry

Dear Jerry

I met my partner at Attic Self Storage in Bow on Valentine’s Day 2008. We now have seven children, three storage units and a thriving Marital Guidance business. I rest my case. Dr. C

A final passionate declaration

If you have any questions relating to love, relationships and making a home together, Attic Self Storage have all sorts of romantic storage solutions for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Whether you’re head over heels in love, or foot up backside in divorce mode, try talking to one of our experienced advisors* today.

*Please be aware that whilst Dr. Cupid is a made up name and none of these letters are genuine, we love our customers more than words can express.