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Honey-Comb Storage Space?

HONEY, I’VE SHRUNK THE MESS As I sit here in my ‘room with a view’ at Attic Self Storage I’m […]

Honey-Comb Storage Space?


As I sit here in my ‘room with a view’ at Attic Self Storage I’m looking down on a rain-swept Wick Lane and, oozing underneath, the slow moving jam that is the A12 on a Friday evening. It’s been a busy day and I find my mind has now turned to Honey. Not merely the two teaspoons of the stuff that I have just stirred into my refreshing cup of Darjeeling (and did you know, it takes a bee its entire lifetime to produce just one teaspoon of honey?). No, I’m talking about the whole amazing, labour–intensive, nectar–collecting, hexagonal–wax–capped–storing, royal jelly–making she–bang. Checking with Mr. Web, I see that Honey Bees are ‘any bee of the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests from wax’. It all fits perfectly, you see? Not only does Attic Self Storage indirectly help honeybees by sponsoring, we’ve directly gone out of our way to provide an environment where they can flourish. Attic HQ is surrounded by carefully planted Lavender Bushes and we’ve reclaimed any patches of waste ground by cutting back the weeds and re-seeding the soil to create a miniature meadow-scape of wild flowers. In the summer you could almost bring a picnic. I’m encouraged to see the first tentative green shoots sticking their heads above the ground already… for the sake of those little seedlings, I hope we’ve seen the last of the winter frost. I’m sure they’ll survive. Flowers are a lot smarter than they look. Once spring has well and truly sprung, we’ll see a riot of colour spring up around our building and the army of bees that come with it – industriously collecting pollen, nectar & water and pollinating the plants as they go. Which is why I’ve got honey on the brain this evening. It’s a great analogy for the service Attic Self Storage provides in the local community:

  • Attic HQ itself is a hive of activity at this time of year.
  • We get swarms of new enquiries from people who’ve decided to have a seasonal de-clutter as part of their big spring clean.
  • Like the bees, we’ve got the perfect sized spaces to fit your storage needs (small enough for just a few jars, or big airy units if you’re thinking of starting a Manuka importing empire).
  • We’ve also got a really buzzy front of house team (I hesitate to call them drones or workers!) on hand to help with moving in, moving out, or showing you how to use the lift.
  • At the centre of it all, we have our very own queen bee, Sonia, who keeps the whole operation running smoothly.

Before I stretch the analogy to breaking point, Attic also provide some very human touches for our Self Storage customers:

  • Secure PIN code entry. 24-hour access. Off-street parking. Automatic eco-lighting. Free trolley use. Relaxing music. Toilet facilities. Meeting rooms. Even a mail service.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Self Storage, or becoming an apiarist, why not give us a buzz? Yours mellifluously, Frederic de Ryckman de Betz (Fred)

Can you spot the thirsty bumblebee?

Bees in storage