How do I work out self storage prices?

Self storage is incredibly useful when it comes to moving house, redecorating, or simply want to free up some space at home. But working out how much storage you need, and therefore how much it costs is not always easy. We’ve put together a guide for how much you can expect to pay for self-storage. Of course, these are only estimates; get a quote online or pop into our Bow or Kings Cross sites to get a definitive price.

Working out self storage prices

Sounds obvious, but the first thing you need to do is work out how much stuff you want to store. Our self storage units are priced according to size, particularly floor space (width x depth). It’s not just the size of what you’re storing that makes a difference, consider how you can store it. Valuables like furniture and other breakables need to be carefully stored but what about the others?If things you’re storing can be stacked, (think clothes/books/DVDs etc.) then you can use a smaller floor space and make the most of the vertical space. Note: we shouldn’t have to say this but just in case anyone’s not aware, heavy stuff at the bottom folks.

How much is self storage?

Once you know how much storage you need you can work out the price. We have a range of different options depending on your needs: Our costs range from £13pw for a storage locker, all the way up to £320pw for a 350 sq ft unit (inc VAT). The prices for our self storage vary depending on the demand and availability of units. If you see a good price, don’t let it slip! Here’s an example of our self storage prices:

  • 25sq ft = £23pw
  • 50sq ft = £42pw
  • 75sq ft = £59pw
  • 100sq ft = £73pw
  • 125sq ft = £99pw
  • 150sq ft = £101pw
  • Mailbox rental starts at £6.70pw

Your first 8 weeks will be half price because we offer the first 4 weeks free. However, we do ask for a month’s rent as a fully refundable damage and rental deposit. You should budget extra for insurance to cover your belongings. Insurance is priced around £2 per week, per £1,000 of cover. Therefore, £10,000 of cover would cost around £20 per week. We strongly advise against online insurance, as the cover offered by these is often not sufficient, and they do not use terms of cover recognised and approved by our professional body. You can find out about our self storage insurance here.

Final considerations

You will also need a padlock, we sell only high quality Yale padlocks in store, from as little as £8.95. We also sell other items including the basics such as cardboard boxes, cling film, bubble wrap and specifics like bike storage boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, and TV covers. Contact us today to find one of our self storage facilities in London near you.

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