How Safe is our Self Storage in London?

The world of storage has transformed incredibly since the days of a man patrolling a rusty fenced off ‘yard’ with just a padlock and chain holding the gate locked. Now it is more like a futuristic fort with the latest technology in high security. More and more now people are turning to London storage spaces to lock up their personal belongings. As we all know there never seems to be enough space in your home, so finding a place that is trustworthy and reliable when dealing with self storage in London has to be a priority.

Attic Storage providing the latest in security

At Attic Storage we believe ourselves to be a leading company when looking after your possessions. We have the latest and most reliable technology to ensure you can sleep well at night knowing that it is well and truly safe. When signing up with us you will be issued your own personal PIN number which will guarantee you 24 hour access onto the site. This PIN will allow you to enter through our electric gates, sliding doors and roller shutters which all protect everything you have stored. Our London storage facility is also equipped with state of the art CCTV which operates on a 24/7/365 basis. Not only that but every single unit is alarmed which is connected to a NACOSS Gold approved alarming system with immediate police response. We have gone to all this trouble because we know how important your valuables are. So when looking for self storage in London look no further than Attic Storage as we know we will provide you with the up most security at very competitive prices, making you save on time and energy.

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