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Make the Most of Spring Bank Holiday

Spring bank holiday is about to spring itself upon you. Monday 27th May is the last bank holiday in England […]

Make the Most of Spring Bank Holiday

Spring bank holiday is about to spring itself upon you. Monday 27th May is the last bank holiday in England until 26th August. But that doesn’t mean you have to pack your family into the car and spend three days in traffic jams fighting your way to and from some crowded beach.

If you are the proud owner of storage space at one of Attic Self Storage’s London facilities, you can use the long weekend to sort your life out, reclaim your cupboards or get stuck into some of those ‘urgent’ home improvement jobs that you’ve been avoiding since 2009.


You could start with something small scale like cleaning out the fridge, unblocking the gutters or putting up a shelf. Or with June just around the corner is it time to get stuck into bigger projects such as knocking down a wall, fitting a new kitchen, or constructing a sub basement with a home cinema, underground bowling alley and an en-suite nuclear bunker?

You can make even the simplest DIY project easier if you have a place to clear things away to, store stuff in, or keep your tools safe. If you need some specialist equipment to carry out your home improvements, you don’t have to keep it under the bed once you’ve finished. Attic Self Storage can provide a space for ladders, sanders, angle-grinders, circular saws, paint rollers, sledgehammers, scaffolding poles and piles of left over floor tiles.


Perhaps you’ve decided it’s finally time to make the most of your loft space by turning it into an airy master bedroom with a glass roof and a telescope to view the stars. Before the builders get started on the conversion this summer, it’s time to have a clear out. Old header tanks, mattresses, children’s toys and boxes of VHS tapes might be destined for the charity shop or the dump this weekend, but if there’s stuff you don’t want to lose from your loft you know where to come.


Maybe you’ve moved home and the previous owners have left you with a loft, basement or shed full of stuff. Why not use the long weekend to have a dig through it all? You never know what you might find amongst the cobwebs and old rolls of wallpaper. Is there a forgotten family heirloom lurking in the gloom? A Chippendale chair covered in dust? A Clarice Cliff vase wrapped in old newspaper? An undiscovered Matisse, Picasso or Van Gogh hidden behind the paint tins? Probably not, but it’s worth having a look.


Why not treat yourself to an end of May makeover? Take your winter wardrobe of jumpers, fleeces, coats, boots, hats and scarves and give them the summer off. You’d be surprised how many clothes you can fit in an Attic unit if you use those vacuum storage bags.


Maybe you’ll remember May as the month when you put your house in order. Or if you’re not feeling the need for home improvements, why not stick all your material possessions into storage and move to a Buddhist retreat in Thailand?

Attic Self Storage can provide a safe, dry, secure space to store the contents of a one bed flat, a three bedroomed house, or an entire mansion stuffed full of priceless antiques. And you can visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Including Bank Holiday Mondays.