Storage Tent for Pride 10K Run

Rainbow Coloured Lycra & Secure Storage Tent

What’s sweaty, rainbow-coloured, has over two thousands legs, and snakes its way around Victoria Park shouting “hi-yaaah!” to the crowd?

The Pride Run 10K, of course.

Proudly sponsored by Attic Self Storage.

Lucky for everyone, this year’s 13th anniversary event is on Saturday the 13th August and registration is now well and truly open. If you’re itching to lycra-up and get some exercise, I suggest you shake a leg, visit and put your name down pronto, because the organisers are, ahem, running out of spaces fast.

Pride Run 10K 2016 is billed as the biggest and ‘best’ race so far. (I guess that depends on your definition of ‘best’ – I mean, if you were there 13 years ago when it all began, and you crossed the finish line first to run into the arms of your true love, and a series of lucrative newspaper interviews, you might think otherwise).

Little by little, the Pride Run has become one of the foremost 10k races in the UK. And while it’s roots lie in the LGBT community, it has grown in popularity and attracts runners from right across the spectrum… all genders and orientations, all races and faces, all abilities, all ages…

This is a day for the whole family to enjoy. Before the main event there’s a 2k Pride Fun Race for children aged 4 – 11. The kid’s run gets going at 9.30am and all participants will receive a medal and a goody bag. For further information just email [email protected]

We’ll be pitching the Attic Self Storage tent in a chill-out zone called The Village near the refreshment stalls and the canvas massage parlour. Look out for our distinctive turquoise and orange banners – you can’t miss us!

As you’d expect from a secure 24-hour access self storage company, we’ll be offering a safe place to leave your bags, jackets and picnic hampers while you’re on the run, or just enjoying being a spectator.

Some of our friendly front of house team will be there to keep an eye on your belongings, offer their encouragement and to dish out our adult goody bags to anyone who pops by. You’re welcome!

Remember, like so many runs nowadays, this is your opportunity to do something for charidee – in this case for a nominated LGBT charity.

Which means you might want to glam up for the occasion.

We won’t be providing glitter or sequins, but if you nip into see as at 500 Wick Lane before the Pride Run, I’m sure we can supply everything you need to make a very fetching costume for yourself or the kids.

We have a selection of different sized packing boxes if you want to go as a cross-dressing robot; we’ve got rolls of packing tape if you want to put in an appearance as some sort of Egyptian mummy (or to remove unwanted chest hair); we sell big rolls of bubble wrap if you’d like to create some weird and wonderful see-through ballet tutu held up with rubber bungee hooks instead of shoulder straps.

See? We’re full of bright ideas.

We’re also very proud to be a part of Pride.

Remember, if you’re running, run fantabulously!

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