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The Interactive Guide to London

Attic Self Storage is delighted to bring you the second in a series of useful guides to London. This one […]

The Interactive Guide to London

Attic Self Storage is delighted to bring you the second in a series of useful guides to London. This one is designed to help you pinpoint the perfect place to live in London, if London is where you’d like to live.

We’ve conducted our own research, crunching numbers from official data as well as a special Attic survey, to find out which boroughs are the best to live in, according to Londoners themselves.

How To Get The London Guide

If you’re on our website, you can explore it by selecting ‘guides’ and clicking on ‘the Best Places to Live in London’ tab. You’ll find it adapts itself to the screen you’re viewing it on, whether that’s a pad, a phone or a computer. Easier still, just have look at our information on where to live in London.

What Are You Looking For?

Different parts of London have different things to offer, depending on your personal preferences. Our interactive map displays all 32 London boroughs and allows you to filter results by selecting what considerations are most important to you:

How Green Is My Borough?

If being surrounded by parks, gardens, commons, trees and green space is important to you, click the tab marked ‘greenery’ and the map will show you which places are lovely and leafy rather than grim and “concretey”.

Who’s Happiest?

Select ‘Happiness’ and see where the residents are more friendly and smiley, or possibly just more smug about where they live.

Where’s The Coolest Corner Of London?

If you want to make your home in the hippest most happening area of town, choose ‘cool factor’ and discover which are the trendiest locations at the moment. But hurry, because you can be sure as Shoreditch that fashionable folk are fickle and once an area gets too popular, they’ll move on and get their soya latte from somewhere else.

What Are The Schools Like?

If you’ve got children, this is undoubtedly one of your major priorities. It might surprise you to discover which boroughs have the most outstanding Ofsted results. Filter the results by ‘education’ and you’ll get a pretty accurate picture of which part of the city you want to be in to give your kids the best start in life.

Is It Safe?

The level of crime in the capital varies greatly from borough to borough. Maybe unsurprisingly the highest levels of crime is recorded in central London areas. Click on the ‘safety’ tab to see where you’re less likely to be mugged or burgled.

Will I Be Kept Awake At Night?

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, away from airports and motorways, hit the ‘quietness’ button and we’ll show you where you can enjoy the least noise in London. Shhh, don’t tell everyone!

Can I Afford To Live There?

The home you want and the bank balance you have available may not be mutually complementary. Are you rich enough to live in Richmond? Should you rent in Brent? Choose the ‘affordability’ filter and discover the boroughs that are the best value for money.

And The Winner Is….

No, we don’t want to spoil it for you. Pull up our interactive guide and press ‘overall rank’ to see where your borough, or the borough you’re thinking of moving to, rates in the overall scheme of things.

And remember, wherever you decide to make your home in London, Attic Self Storage is here to help you in any way that we can – with guides, with storage space, and with sensible, friendly advice.