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Unleash Your Potential During Lockdown

If you’re not a keyworker, here’s how to seize this time at home to stop, plan and fulfil your wildest ambitions

Unleash Your Potential During Lockdown

They say, “life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans”. But while a lot of us are living in lockdown right now, perhaps we finally have the time to plan a new way of life altogether.

Maybe you’ve realised you can work from home using WhatsApp, Zoom and carrier pigeons to stay in touch with your colleagues. Or the restrictions on your movements have freed up your thinking so much that you realise you want to leap off the corporate ladder and work for yourself. The silver lining of this coronavirus cloud might be that you finally get to do what you want.

Start Your Own Business

The government claim it’s going to be the entrepreneurs that lead us out of this crisis, so what are you waiting for? Why not dispense with the commute to work and set something up that you can run from the privacy of your own home? Who needs an office when you’ve got a kitchen, bathroom, dining room or shed (and potentially a storage unit at Attic full of stock and equipment)?

Let the lockdown inspire your thinking. Put a positive spin on all the negatives in the news. Perhaps it’s only in times of real trouble that we get to see what’s essential: food delivery services, PPE suppliers, booze distributors. Or have you spotted a niche market in 3D printing dog toys, selling NHS stickers, manufacturing fashion facemasks, designing reiki-infused crystal jewellery or crocheting phone covers out of recycled wool?

Learn New Skills

If scrabbling to find finance to start a company isn’t your thing, you could always invest in yourself. Right now, the chances to extend your education using online courses, videos and tutorials are pretty much endless. Learn a new language, develop a passion for painting in oils, or test the resilience of your neighbours by teaching yourself trumpet, drums or slide trombone. (You can always redeem yourself by leading your whole street in the Thursday night ‘Clap for Carers’).

Teach Yourself To Teach

If you have children and you’re trying to keep them up to speed with their schoolwork, you’ll understand just how challenging teaching can be. But it’s rewarding too. Use YouTube to help you home-school your kids while you tutor foreign students in English from your kitchen. Or start a PhD in Climatology, become a university lecturer and encourage the next generation of students to save the planet from ecological disaster.

Spin Your Own Yarn

Once you’ve exhausted every source of entertainment from Netflix, Google, Amazon, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, BFI, Sky and Channel XXX, perhaps you’ll feel inspired to tell the world your own unique story?

All you have to do is come up with an original idea or a new twist on an old format. Have you got a TV series, quiz show, feature film, documentary, or a best-selling novel inside of you? You could write something about zombie plagues, quarantines and a planet in self isolation, or cheer us all up by authoring a heart-warming story about exceedingly fluffy badgers.

Come Up With A Game Changer

The controller’s in your hands, baby. Grab this chance to design some new kind of video game, app or online adventure. Think beyond Play Station and Nintendo to create your own unique platform. Forget FIFA or Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto or anything where you have to shoot, kill, rob, steal or score goals. You could be the pioneer of an eco-friendly virtual reality experience where players are rewarded for planting trees, talking to dolphins, identifying flowers, or just being nice to people who they don’t agree with politically.

Then again, you could turn your back on screen-time altogether and invent a new board game to replace Scrabble, Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. Just think of the huge family arguments that you could help stimulate across the world.

Home Improvements

If you’re going to be stuck at home, you might as well make the most of your surroundings. Avoid the temptation of allowing your backbone to mould into the shape of your sofa. If you’ve got paint, rollers, brushes, a bit of artistic flair and a little imagination, here’s your opportunity to redecorate your entire house. Take out a dividing wall, put up a set of shelves, re-tile the bathroom, redefine your living space using a sledgehammer and all that bottled up anger.

Gardening Leave

Make the most of any outside space you have access to. If you’ve got a garden, give it some love. Dead head the daffodils; spike, weed and fertilise your lawn; tidy up your borders; jet wash the decking and de-cobweb any garden furniture. Swap your role as a hedge fund manager for the fun of managing your hedge. (Just because you’re furloughed doesn’t mean you should let your bush grow wild and unkempt).

Keep Fit And Healthy

We urge you to do everything you can to expand your mind, but keep an eye on your waistline. Try to establish a home exercise regime. There are plenty of online workout videos to help. You may find it hard to order a yoga mat, skipping rope or a medicine ball at the moment, but that might give you just the motivation you need to set up your own sports equipment firm.

Carpe Diem!

Attic Self Storage hope that our boredom busting suggestions have provided you with some inspiration, or maybe just a little light relief, during this testing time. It’s amazing how creative people can be when they have a bit of space to breathe. And we’re all about helping you make the most of your space.

We’re here to provide storage, advice and assistance to anyone who has an idea they want to bounce off us or a new direction they wish to set off in. We remain determinedly optimistic about the future and confident that our customers will find new ways to thrive once the current restrictions are finally lifted. Whatever the new normal is, we’ll help you do something extraordinary.