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Market Road Gallery is London’s first bookable open air public gallery. It offers everyone – from local residents to established artists – the chance to create artwork. It also gives you the chance to have your say, with feedback on the artworks informing which works get to stay longer. By taking part you will help curate and shape how the gallery develops, and how it serves the communities it belongs to.

Market Road Gallery is a collaboration between Attic Self Storage, Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London), local residents and organisations, plus a wide range of artists. Located here, near King’s Cross, the Gallery sits on the boundary of Islington and Camden, and occupies the entire 65m wide back-wall of the Attic Self Storage building.

As well as providing a huge canvas for artists’ work, the Gallery aims to give local communities a voice in curating what artwork stays longest and what they want to see more of, in the neighbourhood.

The pilot phase opens in June 2017, with some free paint available on a first-come, first-served basis. This is the first scheme of its kind, and if successful could lead to more: more art, more space to have a go, and more ways to have a say.


How does it work?

To paint:

The Gallery is open to anyone. Interested artists can book a space for their artwork from early June 2017. Before then, register your interest at Once bookings go live, you will be able to choose from the available dates and wall section(s) to make your work. You can also visit the Attic Self Storage reception and book your space on one of the iPads provided.

Once you’ve booked your space, you will be given instructions about where to pick up your free paint (stocks permitting) and how to access the site.

 To feed back:

Everyone is encouraged to comment on and rate the artworks. This will inform what artwork stays the longest and how the wall evolves, too. Anyone who has visited the Gallery on location, or accessed images of the artworks online, will from late June 2017 be able to feed back via, or by using the iPads in the Attic Self Storage reception.

 To speak:

We’d love to hear your creative ideas and suggestions for what to appear at Market Road Gallery through any of our channels. The more suggestions accumulated for a given work or around a specific idea, the more likely it will be acted on.


If you’re keen to paint, we want to hear from you. There are three ways to stay informed:



From early June 2017:

Be the first to use the new Market Road Gallery webapp and online site via, or visit Access Storage in person, to

  • Book – make your first reservations to paint on the wall
  • Speak – submit your creative ideas for the future of Market Road Gallery

From late June 2017 you will be able to:

  • Paint – the first bookings have the best chance of using our limited supply of free paint
  • Feedback – give feedback on the art and inspire what happens next. You will be able to share your views on artwork already on the wall and make suggestions for what you would like to see in future.

Why here? 

Attic Self Storage Director Frederic de Ryckman de Betz explains:

“The brick facade that forms the back of the new Attic Self Storage facility on York Way, sitting on the boundary of Camden and Islington, has remained as a derelict and neglected space for far too long. As we occupy this space, we have decided to bring this wall back to life, and make it a vibrant space for resident and artist communities. Thanks to the pioneering work being done in this field by Central Saint Martins, we have a project that will permit street artists to test their skills, and the local community (and passers by!) to participate.”

Find out more

We are committed to making this once neglected facade into a vibrant, interactive space – one that the local community can help to shape.

If you have any thoughts or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to pop in to Attic Self Storage, 270-276 York Way, or email


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