As much as we might wish, we don’t yet live in a paperless world and keeping old documents is a necessary part of doing business. The trouble is they can take up so much space in the office causing counter-productive clutter which will only continue to build up. Attic Self Storage’s professional document storage service is the solution.

We offer a by-the-box service meaning that you can store from as few as one box for as long as you like from as little as 52p (exc VAT) per box per week. We can collect this from you, assign it a unique identification number and store it in our secure, ISO27001 approved archiving facility for as long as you want. When you need it back or something from it, just let us know and we can arrange for it to be delivered back to you. If you just need to look at something from a box, you’re also welcome to come to the store and view it there too.

Give our team a call on 020 8981 6800 to discuss your needs and arrange for a personalised quotation. It probably won’t cost as much as you expect.