Our aim has always been to make the self storage process as simple as possible for our customers. Our range of tools and online processes means that you can complete the entire self storage process with us, including move in from the comfort of your own home. Whether it's a question of requesting a quotation through to arranging a removal man and van, you can do this all online. Of course we do love to see you instore, but we also understand that it's not always the best option for our customers and so we leave the choice up to you.

Virtual Reality Store Tours

Trying to decide on the correct sized storage unit can be a challenge, particularly if you're new to self storage. We have developed virtual reality store tours so that you can view our facilities, see our units in action and get a feel for the unit that might be best for your needs. Our virtual assistant on the tour also has lots of useful information about the storage process too. Once you've had a look around our virtual store tour for yourself then requesting an online quotation will take just minutes.

Storage Calculator

You can locate our storage calculator here or via the virtual reality store tour. It's a great tool to help you work out what size unit will be best for you so that you can be certain to minimise your costs and also that you will have the room you need. You can select sizes based on the contents you want to store, how many vans or cars you think it will fit into or even the size of your home.

Online Quotations

Getting an online quotation is simple. Just put in your postcode to find the closest store or to see all the options, pick the one that's best for you, enter a few details and you'll have an instant online quote. Once you have your quote, you can even change the location or unit size with one click rather than repeating the whole process.

Online Reservations

Once you have your quotation, simply click to reserve. You can reserve online for free and once you have a reservation then you can just proceed to online check-in and create your account to manage your storage.

Online Check-In

This is the stage where you will set up your account. Rather than coming into store with proofs of identification and needing to sign a manual contract, with Attic Self Storage, you can do all of this online from your own home. This means that should you choose to move into your unit yourself, then you can do this directly without needing to spend time doing this in-store when you'd rather be moving in. The process is quick and simple and should you have any issues then our teams are always on hand to help.

Online Account Management

Once you have your account then you can manage your storage unit and any payment details directly online, 24 hours a day.

Removals & Logistics

Our teams have a trusted network of suppliers to help with all your logistics needs. Whether it's a taxi or bike, a lorry or anything in between then we can help arrange what you need when you need it. Our suppliers are also familiar with our facilities which is a great benefit if they are moving in your things for you.

Of course if you do decide to come into store then we take contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay too.

So, in a nutshell, we have all the tools in place to make your storage process simple from start to finish and enable you to have a 100% contactless move-in. So you really can do it all from home! If you have any questions on our contactless move in process then our teams are always happy to help. You can contact us on 020 8981 6800.