Enjoy Complimentary WiFi at our Storage Units

We know in this fast moving just how important it is to stay connected, that’s why we provide complimentary WiFi at each our storage units. We’ll ensure you can be online at our sites whenever you need to be.

Enjoy Complimentary WiFi at our Storage Units

Get free internet in your storage unit

Storage units are not easiest places to receive a mobile signal. The steel walls of the unit can really interrupt a connection.

But we understand how crucial it is for you to stay connected, especially if you’re managing inventory from your unit or need constant online access for business operations. That’s why we prioritise your connectivity needs by offering complimentary, high-speed WiFi at our storage units. This commercial-grade internet service ensures that no matter how frequently you need to visit your unit, you can rely on uninterrupted online access.

Additionally, our WiFi service is designed with security and reliability in mind. This is to ensure that your data remains protected if you need to conduct any business activities from our facilities.

Enjoy our complimentary WiFi service – because staying connected shouldn’t be a hassle when you’re at our storage sites.

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