Home Movers & Improvers

If you’re planning a home move or just to improve the one you have, we’ve got some handy tips to help.

One thing we can all agree on is that we’ve been spending a lot more time in our homes this year than we have before. The way we’ve been making use of the space in our homes, or lack of, has also changed. We’ve had to think about creating space for working as well as space for the family or to relax at the end of the day. Our homes have had to become multi-functional overnight and this has changed the way we view them with many of us deciding that more permanent changes are needed.

For some, particularly with the stamp duty holiday, moving home and finding somewhere with additional space or a set-up more suited to the new way of living is the preferred choice. In some cases, this might extend to moving to a new town or even to the countryside for more outdoor space. Others have opted to stay put and embark on a little home improvement, ranging from a small redecoration to full scale extensions.

There are, of course, those who are perfectly happy with their current set-up and have grown to love their homes more having spent an increased amount of time in them. If you are embarking on moving home or some home improvements, then we’d advise careful consideration and planning whatever you decide to do. Either can seem daunting at the outset but with some careful planning and thought they don’t have to be.

To help, we’ve been speaking to some home moving and renovation experts from across the UK who have given us their top tips for making a success of either. We’ve created a handy pdf guide to help you on your way. You can download our pdf guide including all their hints and tips, as well as a few from us, on the link below.

We hope you find the expert tips helpful. Whether you decide to move, stay put and improve or tidy up your current home to create more space, our storage units are an easy solution to help simplify moving day or declutter your house at any time. You can view our stores and pricing here.

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