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Equipment Hub

Don’t kit out all your staff with equipment they don’t use regularly – share them with a storage unit.

Equipment Hub

If your business is a service or one that relies on tools or equipment then this is an added layer of complexity, particularly when you have a team of employees. Equipment can be expensive and therefore it’s costly to provide a full range of equipment for each member of the team, particularly if there are things that they will only need to use on an occasional basis.

There is also the security issue to consider too – thefts from vans in the UK have been significantly increasing in recent years and we are now at the point at which it’s really not safe to leave equipment in them overnight, no matter where you are parked. If your equipment or stock is stolen this can have a real and long-term impact on your business. Not to mention the inconvenience and the fact that you may let down some customers as a result.

Having somewhere safe to store your equipment that is secure, with controlled access, and monitored by CCTV can really bring peace of mind. A storage unit can be used for just that – your own personal equipment store or business hub. Your team can visit your storage unit first thing, collect what they will be needed for the day, and then just return this at the end of the day to be kept safe and secure for when it’s next needed.

You can even kit out your unit with shelves to keep your business equipment organised to minimise the amount of time your team needs to find what they need. You can allocate your staff different entry codes so that you can see who has visited your unit and at what time of day. Should an employee leave then it’s simple to block access for their code. A secure unit really does give genuine flexibility for businesses and as demonstrated can be a real way to minimise expenditure too.

Bring some flexibility to your business with one of our storage units. Get a quote today and see how cost effective it could be for your business.