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Flexible mini warehouses

How do you maximise economies of scale when you purchase stock? You’ll find the answer in a storage unit.

Flexible mini warehouses

When your business is more established and you have more certainty of repeat customers, the time will come when you are able to benefit from purchasing stock in larger quantities. Your existing customer base means that you know you will be able to sell through larger quantities of stock and you’ll be able to benefit from lower prices if you are able to do this. The challenge comes in finding somewhere to store the initial bulk delivery of stock. Clearly – this isn’t something that’s going to fit into your garage as previous shipments have!

There’s also range to consider too. If your business is one where customers expect innovation or range extensions or you have demand for different flavours or scents then it’s easy to find that your stock holding can escalate exponentially and therefore the space you need to store it too.

Secure business storage

Finding secure, flexible storage is critical at this point. After all, there’s no point in benefiting from lower prices if half of your stock disappears. Shared warehousing can be an option but it doesn’t always have the critical things that you need to make your business run smoothly. You need to consider things such as how frequently you can access your stock, whether there is space for you to work alongside it – preparing customer orders for dispatch for example. Also, is there the flexibility to increase or decrease your space as you need? Quite often, larger shared warehouses have restrictions in place that can hinder the running of your business.

Flexible business space

On the other hand a flexible business storage unit can provide you with exactly the right space for your needs and also with access to suit you. You can start by renting a smaller unit but then gradually increase the size or add other units as your business needs grow. At Attic Self Storage, it works the other way around too – if you suddenly find that you need less space then you can downsize. However complicated your needs are, our experienced team will be here to offer help at any point. We can even help arrange for dispatch and collection of your stock if you prefer. Find a store that works for your business today.