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With 2021 off to something of a savage start, many people are trying to ‘keep calm and carry on’ working without going into the office. Which begs the question – why do you still have an office?



If You’ve Found A Way Of Continuing To Work Through The Vagaries Of The Past Ten Tier-Filled Months, Well Done.

Chances are that you’ve been forced to completely re-evaluate the way you live your life and bring home the bacon (quinoa quiche if you require a vegan option).


1/ You’ve been furloughed.

2/ You went for early retirement with a pension settlement that includes a lifetime’s supply of soft, strong quilted toilet rolls.

3/ You thought “sod it all” when Xmas was cancelled and decided to pull the duvet up over your head and hibernate until spring.

The New Strain Of Mutant Abnormal

Working from home is hard work on a number of physical and psychological levels. But it has also been an opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills for the whole team here at Attic Self Storage (still open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, come ‘rona or shine) and many of our customers are saying exactly the same thing.

The ever-resourceful entrepreneurs and business brains that we work with are finding a whole host of new ways to communicate with their customers and colleagues. Tracking apps, social media updates, direct messaging, and of course all-powerful, all-pervasive, encrypted end-to-end face-to-face video conferencing.

Who’s Zooming Who?

Are you an expert at ensuring the pile of dirty washing is out of frame and that your work colleagues can’t see your pants when you do your zoom meetings? Are you David Bailey when it comes to angling your laptop screen and adjusted the lighting to be kind to your chin(s)? Are you Master & Commander of the ’hilarious’ virtual background featuring a ravenous great white shark swallowing you from behind?

Have you thought long and hard about the image that you want to project? “Shall I frame myself with some abstract art on the wall behind to make myself look well arty or sit in front of the book-shelf to make myself look well-read*?” The tough choices, business opportunities and potential rewards to be reaped stretch out ahead of us all like illuminated algorithms along the rail track as the shiny new 2021 express pulls out of the station.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It’s not the lights of the approaching 8.15am from Aldgate – don’t be negative. Attic are determined to help make ‘The Future’ a bright, beautiful, sunshine-filled place with fresh air and no metal filing cabinets to smash your knee against. Dreaming of brighter days ahead? Welcome to the club. All this social distancing, and not hugging or kissing your nearest and dearest, gets a bit wearing after a bit.

Now, in a vague attempt to wrestle this blog back from becoming an extended exercise in digression, here’s the ultimate point:

Next time you spend a busy day not going outside (except to walk the dog) and avoiding the TV news, then finally collapse in front of a Netflix documentary about the secret life of honeybees just to escape the madness… right then, in that idle moment on the sofa, when the adverts are playing and your partner is snoring and drooling into the hollow of your neck, ask yourself “why am I paying for/going to that expensive office space in town when I’m spending my life working from home?”

What About The Potted Ginkgo Tree?

As you’d expect Attic Self Storage have a very simple three-word solution to all your office related dilemmas – Attic Self Storage.

We have various different sized storage units at a number of lovely London-centric locations. From Bow to Harrow, from Marylebone to Beckton, and with more stores to come, we’ve got the capital pretty much covered.

If you are seriously considering downsizing your office, closing your office, relocating your office, or clearing out the back bedroom so that you can make great British marmalade for export to the European market, we have nothing but space and sensible advice to provide.


Maybe NOW is the time to vacate your office, clear your desk, stick any personal paperwork, books, photographs and furniture in storage and switch to working from home and playing more golf, eh Donald?

See you on Twitter, unless of course, you’ve been banned for life.

* If you want a book to actually read, why not order a copy of A Fortune In Your Attic? It’s quite inspirational if you’re thinking about setting up a little side-line business to run from home, and it’s also yet another way that we can sneak a final mention of our name into the copy without anyone noticing. Remember, that’s A Fortune In Your Attic