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Struggling With Storage in the Office Space

It’s never easy keeping employees stress free, especially with the pace of modern city life. With London property costs at […]

Struggling With Storage in the Office Space

It’s never easy keeping employees stress free, especially with the pace of modern city life. With London property costs at an all-time high, creating extra space in the office is beneficial for businesses large and small, and it all starts with a simple de-clutter. It’s not just about creating space for new employees though; it’s an opportunity to create a forward-thinking, successful company culture.

No one likes feeling hemmed in to their desk and small alterations in office surroundings can hugely impact on the mindset of employees in the work space. At Attic Self Storage we suggest putting your excess office items in one of our secure storage units in London and discovering the benefits it will bring to your office space. After all, you can access them whenever, 24/7, with your own secure key. We’ve created a Checklist of Clutter so you can mark off what unnecessary debris is currently lurking in your office, and have made suggestions for how to transform your new-found space!

Checklist of Clutter

  • Filing cabinets with previous files that are never looked at
  • Old / spare computers, keyboards and monitors on unused desks
  • Old / spare chairs which block walkways and fill corners
  • Old / spare printers and redundant fax machines
  • Boxes of marketing / conference supplies used once a year
  • Spare whiteboards taking up wall space
  • Oversized standing floor lamps

How many are you guilty of? Started mentally clearing away the clutter already? Good! Now here’s some inspiration for your new found clutter free zones.

  • PLANTS – Not only will bringing in more leafy pals help the air quality in your office space, but the presence of living things creates a feeling of being in nature which is good for us all. You can even choose plants specifically based on their positive effects on the environment and healing benefits. Use new found empty desk or wall space to make a mini edible herb garden so employees can use them for their lunches
  • RELAXING FURNITURE – Think bean bags, hanging chairs, hammocks, cushioned seating area on the floor. Create an attractive and welcoming social area for colleagues to bond on a break, rather than sitting and eating at their desks or standing awkwardly in the kitchen. After sitting for the majority of the day at a desk and during a commute, giving the spine and body a different position to relax in is important to help stress levels and help poor desk posture. Having a cushioned floor area where people can lie flat, sit cross legged, stretch and re-set their posture is very beneficial for the wellbeing of your employees.
  • COLOUR SCHEME REFRESH – Drab wall colours and consistent beige tones do nothing for our inspiration, and therefore less for our work motivation. Putting unnecessary cabinets or whiteboards (currently using precious wall space) in storage will give you fresh creative possibilities to make the office space vibrant and peaceful. Try blocking out one office wall in an emotive colour– one that is appropriate for your brand and environment.
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT – Do away with oversized standing lamps and put in ceiling lights to mimic natural light, this will improve employee concentration and their feeling of wellbeing. Mirrors also work well for small offices to increase the impression of spaciousness and light.
office space
  • HEAD SPACE – Managed to clear out a whole small office? You could create a mindfulness room for employees to book a slot in where they can read, listen to music, do yoga, or even meditate. We spend 30 to 40 hours a week at work on average and just a short break can prove effective in work efficiency. It’s now known that many successful business leaders practice regular meditation amongst their hectic schedule to aid with stress levels, decision making and boost productivity. Offer this to your employees and we’re certain you’ll reap the benefits of happy staff with better holistic wellbeing.
  • RE-DESIGN – Always wanted to move around different sections of the office to make it more spacious, but not been able to picture it differently? Well now all the clutter has been removed through using our office storage plans, you can. Call a team meeting to ask employee input, it will not only help them feel included in the decision, but could unearth a great design idea you haven’t considered.

If you own or manage office space in London and want practical and affordable office storage solutions, get in touch with our helpful team to discuss how Attic Self Storage can transform your working environment. We also provide small scale home office storage solutions for small businesses in London.

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