How to Organise Your Garage

Last year’s artificial Christmas tree, unwanted boot sale items, suitcases and sporting equipment – does this accurately describe the contents of your garage? It can be easy to assign unnecessary items to this space in your home. Before you know it though, your garage has become a delegated dumping ground for anything and everything! Lawn mowers, gardening equipment and bicycles only make your garage look disordered and chaotic. Here at Attic Storage, we’ve put together some garage organisation ideas, which will help you to clear the clutter and create some space.

What not to store in your garage

First things first, we don’t need to make you aware that your garage is nowhere near as secure as the rest of your home. Strict measures should be taken to prevent easy access, especially if you are considering storing valuable items in there. It’s also worth checking your insurance policy covers goods stored in your garage. Secondly, you will want to consider the conditions inside. Insulation is often lacking; therefore, temperature changes and humidity can cause damage to sensitive items stored here. Damp, dust and grime are also to be expected.

Garage shelving

Shelving is usually the cheapest and most convenient way to organise your garage. A common form of garage shelving is those that are fixed to the wall, however you are somewhat limited with this. These types of shelves often have a maximum weight limit. It can also be time consuming to drill the holes and make sure the shelves are level. Free standing shelving units are a practical solution to this. Not only can shelving clear floor space, at the same time it will increase storage space.

The big clear out

Try to be ruthless when it comes to clearing out items from your garage. If you haven’t used something for more than a year, ask yourself if you’re ever going to need it? It may be helpful to create three main piles – items to keep, items to throw away and items to donate to charity. An additional pile you could create is items to put into storage. Do you have large items that you intend to keep but have no space for, or perhaps items you know will be useful for the future but have no current use for? Our London storage facilities are the ideal solution.

Some do's and don'ts of organising your garage

  • Do keep dangerous items such as chemicals locked away, out of reach from children or pets.
  • Do buy a secure cabinet for any valuables you want to keep in your garage.
  • Do label any boxes or containers in your garage correctly.
  • Do make use of the walls and ceilings for storage space.
  • Don’t cover up drains with boxes/containers or block access to ventilation systems.

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