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Is Your Home Ready To Sell Itself?

Before you put your property on the market, make sure it looks as gorgeous and appealing as it can.

Is Your Home Ready To Sell Itself?

When it comes to selling up, a lot of home owners act like they’re on Tinder: they choose a flattering photo, write an enticing profile highlighting best features, then feel massively let down upon meeting a string of incompatible time-wasters who aren’t remotely interested in a second date.

If your place is old, shabby, dirty, messy, and plagued with years of baggage, chances are it won’t be a case of love at first sight. To entice a potential buyer into having a serious long term relationship with your gaff, you need to make the place as attractive as possible. You needn’t resort to major surgery, but a makeover might help — you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Now let’s forget the dating analogy and get to work.

Clean Up

You don’t need to knock down walls, fit a jacuzzi or replace all the windows to impress a potential buyer. Most people are simply after a tidy, well-ordered place with a bit of light, space and storage. With a little effort, most properties scrub up pretty well. Clean anything that needs cleaning, fix anything that needs fixing, tidy up the mess and leave every room feeling more roomy.

Freshen Up

Loaf of bread

Open the windows and let some air in. If you’ve got a wet dog, blocked drains or an appetite for cooking curry, it might be a good idea to burn a scented candle, waft an incense stick or try the freshly brewed coffee or just baked bread trick. Nobody wants to buy a place that gets up their nose, unless it smells of roses or success or possibly freshly polished woodwork.

Lighten Up

Show off any rooms that are graced with plenty of natural light — throw back curtains, raise blinds, let the light flood in and illuminate what’s on offer. If, on the other hand, you’re selling somewhere that’s a little dark and pokey, check that all your lightbulbs are working. Think about switching on lamps to create sexy mood lighting in bedrooms and a cosy comfy vibe in your front room.

Think Vanilla

Have you got brightly coloured walls or funky patterned wallpaper? You might be advised to take everything back to white. A couple of coats of Matt Emulsion will do it. It may be unadventurous, but it’ll result in rooms feeling more spacious and allow your buyer to project their personal vision onto the interior architecture you’re presenting. Chances are they won’t have the same taste as you and you don’t want your exotic choice in decoration to cost you a sale.

Lose Yourself

Depersonalise your home as much as you can. Take down family photos, children’s certificates, trophies, the oil painting of Great Grandad on a camel, and that framed football shirt. You want your prospective buyer to imagine themselves and their loved ones in residence, rather than being put off by pictures of you, your family and your blind devotion to a team they probably hate. They’re looking for somewhere they can call their own.

Start Packing

Put away personal knick-knacks, ornaments, china teapots and Luck Kittens. Empty shelves of unnecessary distractions. Box up collectables, breakables and ping-pong tables. Make your place clutter free for as far as the eye can see. Leave your mirrors up for now — they help increase the sense of space.

And before you call the Estate Agent, guess where’s the most convenient, safe, delightfully appointed place (boasting excellent travel links) to shift all the things getting in the way of you making a quick sale…

Space Creators

Use an Attic Self Storage unit to partly empty your home before you start showing it. Deposit bulky furniture with us to create more room. Clear out your loft to show its potential for conversion. Remove any items that are making your cupboards overflow and wardrobes bulge.

Any serious buyer will open your doors and drawers, to check there’s room inside to spare. If it looks like there isn’t enough space for your stuff, they’ll assume there won’t be enough for theirs.

Smart Move

Having a clear up and a de-clutter won’t be a wasted process. Not only will it make your flat, house, cottage or bedsit appear more attractive to potential buyers, it also means you’ve already started with the process of moving out, moving on and cutting ties with your old home.

It might be hard to say goodbye, but with our help it’s easier to find a good buyer.