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King’s Cross Area Guide

We are fabulously proud, and more than a little bit chuffed, to announce the release of The Attic Self Storage […]

King’s Cross Area Guide

We are fabulously proud, and more than a little bit chuffed, to announce the release of The Attic Self Storage Guide to the King’s Cross Area. It has been many months in the researching and photographing and writing and making, but it’s finally ready for you to discover in all its glory.

How To Get The Guide

If you’re on our website, you can find it by opening the ‘community’ tab, selecting ‘guides’ and clicking the King’s Cross Area Guide link. You’ll find it adapts itself to the screen you’re viewing it on, whether that’s a computer or a smartphone.

Our guide provides our own unique take on the area where we do business and hopefully shows just how in touch we are with the local community. It has been designed for visitors to the area, local residents and Attic Self Storage customers who are keen to explore beyond our storage facility on York Way.

Much More Than Just A Station

The guide gives you our personal recommendations of the best things to eat, see and do in King’s Cross, besides catching a train.

It’s illustrated with lots of luscious his-res full colour images as well as a series of groovy 360-degree photos that let you have a good look around before you explore the area in person.

Let Us Lead The Way

We’ll help you discover historical oddities like the Hardy Tree and more recent attractions like the Harry Potter shop and platform 9¾. We’ll show you around the sprawling King’s Cross development with its canals, fountains and hidden squares, where you can find contemporary businesses and boutiques as well as classic car boot sales.

For Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Stimulate the grey matter with a visit to the British Library or one of the many museums and art galleries we’ve pinpointed for you. Take a stroll in one of the local gardens or parks. Bust a sweat at a nearby gym.

There are lots of places to eat in the area. You could settle for a burger or a kebab, or use the guide to locate some of the more exotic alternatives like Japanese Vegan, Modern Indian and locally sourced vegetarian.

Liquid Refreshments

We run down some of the top independent coffee shops where you can stop for a caffeine shot or herbal tea.

Attic’s King’s Cross guide also gives you the inside info if you fancy something a bit stronger – whether you’re looking for a trendy new cocktail bar or a traditional boozer, we can help.

Pin Point Accuracy

Don’t worry about finding your way around. To help you make the most of all our suggestions, we have created an interactive Google map with all the relevant spots clearly marked. We’ve also provided lots of lovely links.

We’ve even gone so far as to give a few tips about the housing developments that are happening across the King’s Cross area, just in case you’re so taken with the vibe that you decide you’d like to make the place home. Just like we did.

You’re Welcome To Attic Advice

You wouldn’t attempt to climb Mount Everest without a Sherpa, so don’t try to explore King’s Cross without a Guide.

The all-new London King’s Cross Area Guide: 100% free and exclusive from Attic Self Storage. It’s our pleasure to provide you with our local expertise