London Self Storage for Students on Holiday

Summer is officially here which means countless students are enjoying a well earned break after months of studying and exams. For students who moved away from home the final stressful part of finishing the term would have been moving all their belongings back home until the new term in Autumn. Particularly in London as high levels of congestion are to be expected due to the summer Olympics.

Rather than go through the effort of moving all the items and small furniture you’ll need in your student house next year, try using London self storage from Attic. They are a secure self storage company based in East London that offers a first class service which cannot be matched. Whether you’re a UK resident or based overseas, they have a range of storage units that can keep your personal belongings safe until the new university year.

Complete Moving and London Storage Services from Attic

However, Attic’s London self storage solutions do not just end there. They have a host of additional services to make the moving process as easy and stress free as possible. They can arrange; the delivery of boxes and packing materials, collection and moving into storage, collection out of storage and back into halls or a student house and shipping overseas if required.

To get this cost effective process in order simply call Attic today and speak to one of their friendly consultants about what services you may need. From there they can give you a quote and begin setting up your easy storage in London. Prices for their 10 cubic foot storage lockers start from £10 per week which is a fantastic price. What’s more they even offer student discounts and many other offers depending on the service you require.

Visit Attic Secure Self Storage and view their facilities at 1 Maverton Road, London, E3 2JE, Telephone: 020 8981 6800 Email: [email protected]

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