Musicians putting their sound in to storage

musicians-in-self-storage_zoom_140314121418 I was recently asked a question about musicians in self storage. Do they cause any trouble? What about sound recording studios? This is an excellent question because there is a shortage of music studio space in London, and of course there is a large number of both amateur and semi-professional musicians living in our capital who need somewhere to practice. In our storage facility in Bow, we have hosted the shooting of films and music videos. We had a studio space for a while and also sheltered a sound technician who specialises in building and repairing sound studios for a living (nod to my old bard and friend, Justin Marcus here). We have clients storing music equipment that they supply, install and manage on a rental basis to gigs all over our capital city. And finally, we have musicians. Our musicians vary from those simply storing equipment (band equipment, such as speakers, amps, drum kits and the like) through those storing merchandise (presumably successfull?!) to those who actually use our storage facility to practice. Yes that's right, they practice on site! You might hear them if you visit. I was asked if hosting musicians, bands and studios represents any trouble for self storage operators. The short answer is it depends on who you're dealing with. We had a couple of music videos shot that went off smoothly, and we had a couple that turned in to a nightmare with hangers on, leaving a mess behind for us to clear up the day after. Studio spaces are ok, but users can also abuse the equipment and leave a mess behind as well, which doesn't sit well with the clean and professional image we try to maintain for our regular storage space. Musicians practising, well, if they can be bothered to rent a unit and pad it out with sound deadening equipment they must be pretty good. That has been our experience, and if you visit you will appreciate the rhythm of one of our musicians practising and you might just think, they're really rather good, I've enjoyed my visit to Attic Self Storage today and I think I'll be back!