Safe Self Storage in London

Safe Self Storage in London

There is a strong element of trust when leaving all your personal belongings or office stock in the hands of a London self storage company. Not just London for that matter but anywhere. The storage facilities need to be not only secure from unauthorised visitors, but also protected from water, dirt and any other unclean matter that could damage, ruin or stain your stored items. Attic are a self storage company based in East London that focus not only on providing competitively priced storage units, but a great overall service that meets all of their customer’s needs. This extends to the safety measures they have in place that instill their customers with the confidence that they’re storage in London is totally secure.

Safety Features of Attic Self Storage in London

  • Each customer has their very own storage unit with access restricted to just them. So no one can enter or exit apart from you, at any time of the day.
  • The storage area is well lit so no one can sneak by and they are kept very clean and dry, so your property will not be damaged in anyway.
  • Friendly and helpful staff monitor the secure storage area at all times.
  • Attic Self Storage are located near the Olympics stadium in Stratford so elite security is within the vicinity of our storage units
  • We are overlooked by an MOD missile encampment which adds an extra degree of protection for the Olympic Park and us!
Attic Self Storage in London invites you to see for yourself how secure and high quality our services are. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed. Address: Attic Self Storage Limited, 1 Maverton Road, London, E3 2JE, Telephone: 020 8981 6800 , Email: [email protected]

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