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Self Storage Art and the Art of Self Storage

Attic Self Storage has a proud history of supporting The Arts wherever we operate.

Self Storage Art and the Art of Self Storage

We’ve sponsored Stratford East Theatre and The Stratford East Singers, and more recently we’ve given our support and even window space to, a really worthwhile Islington-based charity who work to give people with learning difficulties access to the arts. We’ve also been working with Central Saint Martins to turn one of our outside walls into a public gallery space for street artists, a project we’re particularly excited about.

“Attic” Art Galleries

This Saturday we’re going one stage further as we convert parts of facilities into temporary art galleries. Once again we’re leading the field in the re-imagining of what a self-storage facility can be. We’ve turned one of our 200-foot units to the biggest names in conceptual art. Taiwanese artist Apri Le Fu-Lee at Attic, 500 Wick Lane, BowCross.

Self Storage Installations

Using only materials supplied by us – packing tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, bungee clips – they have created two fabulously unique art installations that simply have to be seen to be believed.

Bin-Haad’s Packing Boxes

A graduate of New York Academy of Art, Bin-Haad has used over two thousand Attic Storage cardboard packing boxes to create an abstract freestanding piece entitled ‘My Life In Storage’. This is a sublimely beautiful piece of art made from everyday objects. The intricate intermingling of household items, wrapped and partially unwrapped, creates a visually enthralling narrative that leaves the viewer quite breathless and yet deeply moved. 

Fu-Lee’s Bubble Wrap

Fu-Lee’s work, which she calls ‘The Day My Brain Froze Over’ is a totally different piece altogether. One senses her training as an interior designer as one enters the 200-foot storage space that she has elaborately converted into a magical bubble-wrapped kingdom. The floors, the walls, the ceiling are all carefully bubble-wrapped. This is a fully immersive piece of art that makes us question everything whilst at the same time feeling protected and reassured that nothing can really harm us, as we are invited to imagine ourselves as a fragile glass coffee table. 

Self Storage Without Limits

Attic says the whole point of the show is to bring art to everyone, to demonstrate that even a self storage facility can be a beautiful place, and to inspire his customers to challenge their own thinking about what the limits of self storage may be for them.

Book Your Private Viewing

We’re now taking bookings for free private viewings at both of our sites. For a guided tour of ‘The Day My Brain Froze Over’ at Wick Lane please call 020 8981 6800 quoting “Apri Le Fu-Lee”. The artists themselves will be present to answer questions and to help inspire you. Attic Self Storage. The art of storage