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Spring Into Action

Take a deep breath in. Can you smell that? Providing you’re not standing next to a motorway, or a commuter’s […]

Spring Into Action

Take a deep breath in. Can you smell that? Providing you’re not standing next to a motorway, or a commuter’s armpit, the sweet scent of spring is in the air.


And breathe out… ahhh!

The weather is finally dragging itself out of its winter lethargy, stretching its sleepy limbs, and embracing us with the first few rays of spring sunshine.

Wordsworth Would Be Inpired

Looking out of the window I can see the wildflower garden surrounding Attic Self Storage’s Bow HQ coming back to life – the dry soil is breaking out in a rash of blooming bulbs, green shoots and brightly coloured flowers – like a slow motion firework display for ants, or worms, or something altogether more poetic that I can’t think of right now.


Feast Your Ears

Unplug your headphones and you’ll notice something other than the constant noise of traffic on the A12 if you visit us in East London. During the day – the sound of birds singing; in the dead of night – the yelp of frolicking foxes; and before long the bees will be buzzing in our lavender bushes once again.

As the American comedian Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”.


Make A Clean Break

Come on people, take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book – burst back to life with a vengeance. It’s a time to wash your windows, clean your curtains, dust your shelves, vacuum under the bed, de-clutter your wardrobe, clear out the loft and slap some fresh paint on that tired looking wall. Or maybe knock the wall down altogether.


Feel Free To Feng Shui

Create some space and let the chi flow through your home again. If there’s stuff that you don’t need anymore, get rid of it. Give it to a friend or donate it to a charity shop. (Attic Self Storage can provide you with appropriately sized cardboard boxes to help with the big tidy up).

Of course, if you have important items that you want to hold onto, but you haven’t got the room for, we can also provide secure storage space with 24 hour access spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Time To Move On?

Spring is a great time to start a new adventure, like 1/ going travelling, 2/ having a baby or 3/ moving home. (The latter two directly correlate – the more kids you’ve got the more space you’ll need to accommodate them).

  1. If you’re thinking of going to Senegal for the summer, now’s the time to book a storage space for your valuables so you can rent your house out.
  2. Attic Self Storage is the perfect place to keep child–unfriendly items like glass wear, crystal chandeliers, ornate mirrors, renaissance masterpieces and sharp spikey razor-toothed Megaraptorid skeletons.
  3. A unit at Attic is also great for storing the contents of your old home while you spring clean the new place you’re moving into.

The B Word

So winter is finally over and yet it looks like Brexit is going to drag on into April and beyond. Whatever happens, Britain can rely on Attic Self Storage to provide sensible solutions for leavers, for remainers and for those who’ve had enough and are about to give up and go to Goa.

However there is one B word we’re keen to sustain. Bees. In the interest of fostering peace, love, happiness and ecological harmony, Attic Self Storage is proud to renew our support for the British Beekeepers Association and remain staunch ‘Friends of the Honey Bee’.

See what we did there?

It’s the little things we do that should help put a spring in your step.