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What’s the most unusual thing we’ve ever stored?

We’ve had a lot of weird requests over the past nine years when it comes to storing unusual things, but […]

What’s the most unusual thing we’ve ever stored?

We’ve had a lot of weird requests over the past nine years when it comes to storing unusual things, but we always do our very best to accommodate people’s requirements. However bizarre they may at first appear.

There are the obvious things like the contents of people’s homes that we are used to storing at our self storage facilities. But not everyone’s home is the same.

A Fortune In The Attic

We pride ourselves on being able to look after the contents of the smallest bedsit to the largest mansion (including the library). Antique furniture, rare oil paintings and costume jewellery from the 1920s have all found a safe place to rest here across the years.

Self Storage For Your Business

And we look after businesses too. Not just the everyday archiving of paperwork and files. We had a guy at our Bow self storage facility in Wick Lane who successfully launched a craft ale business ­– Dam Tasty Beer. In fact the business proved so successful that he had to move lock stock and barrel to his very own bottling plant down the road. Cheers!

Running a business out of either of our self storage London hubs isn’t as strange as it might sound at first. It’s a surprisingly cost affective way of getting started. We can provide you with plenty of storage for your stock, a postal address and meeting rooms with light, heating, Wi-Fi and projectors should you need to call the shareholders in and woo them with a slick AGM.

Canvasses, Costumes And Clothes

There’s a thriving arts community around our stores, and we can provide storage for students for canvasses, nude sculptures and 10-foot aluminium foil bullfrogs when required.

We’ve looked after theatre designer’s wardrobe collections and Notting Hill carnival costumes. When it comes to self storage in London nobody offers a more moth-free environment to keep your clothes in pristine condition.

More Secure Than A Museum

The clean and dry conditions ensure that we are the ideal place to store stamp collections, blue whale bones, dinosaur fossils and original Model T Ford motor vehicles that you want to protect from going rusty.

We’re not sure we’ve actually stored blue whale bones in either of our self storage facilities as yet, but some of the boxes that people wheel in are decidedly on the large size, so we wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Attic Self Storage – The Musical

DJs with their record collections, Sound Engineers with their speaker systems, bedroom recording artists with their computer sampling gear, we’ve catered for them all across the years.

You may have heard that we already have a drummer in residence at our store, complete with a full drum kit and specially sound proofed storage unit so he doesn’t disturb the neighbours. Jan-Vincent Velazco is his name and boy can he nail a mean solo.

Over at our self storage Bow facility we have another couple of customers who are musicians too. There’s one chap with a huge collection of guitars and a mountain of other musical instruments who’s been using our facilities for the past few years. All we need now is someone with a grand piano and a horn section and we can start a big band.