Whilst we use significantly less paper in offices today than in the past, and many things can now be stored as a soft copy, there are still those documents that we need to keep hard copies of for regulatory purposes. This is likely to be the case for sometime to come unfortunately. Studies have shown that clutter around the office can have a significant negative impact on productivity. Piled up archive boxes are a real contributor to this.

Naturally you want to make sure your office environment is set up to get the best work from your team. One way to create a positive environment is to introduce some plants. They have been proven to have a positive impact on air quality and consequently productivity. They not only look nice but they make for a more relaxing environment too.

Decluttering however, can be just as easy as purchasing a few plants with our by-the-box service. So if you think your office could benefit from a little tlc then let Attic Self Storage be part of the solution with our professional document storage service. You choose what documents you want to store and we collect then whenever is convenient for you. You can store from as little as one box and each box will be given a unique reference number so that you can easily retrieve anything you need at a later date. When you need something, simply let us know what boxes and we will arrange for them to be returned at a time that suits you.

We’re really proud to hold the ISO 27001 accreditation, which means you can be certain your documents will be in safe hands in storage with us. This accreditation is only awarded to businesses who demonstrate meticulous, secure processes and have a continuous improvement process in place.

Our archiving service can’t solve all your business issues but we hope at least that we can contribute to a healthy, tidy and productive office.

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