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Engineer Collection Point – Telent

Telent have been clients of Attic Self Storage in Bow, East London, on and off for over five years.

Engineer Collection Point – Telent

We have provided them with secure, individually alarmed storage units on an ad-hoc basis, from large rooms to small, increasing and reducing the size and number as their business requirements changed.

Our safe, secure yard and loading area (meaning engineer’s vans were safe while they were on site), together with the ability to control access for different engineers using our electronic access control systems, were crucial in winning the business.

“Telent were a challenging customer” says Sonia, store manager. “They were exacting in their requirements, and frequently changed what they needed, adding and removing space. This meant we had to work hard to stay on top of billing”.

Telent continue to make use of our facility in Bow on an ad-hoc basis, and it’s always a pleasure to see a cluster of Telent vans on site at 6am, with the engineers collecting tools and spare parts ready to head out for the day and play their part in building London.