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Logistics Point – City Beverage

We were approached by Brian at The City Beverage Company, after they received disappointing service from one of our competitors.

Logistics Point – City Beverage

“Billing was a big issue. As was customer service – it was pretty much non-existent – and on top of that, we had our stock split across several storage units, which were located deep in the bowels of a huge building.”

Brian saw our store driving past one day, and popped in for a chat. He was impressed with the customer service, the ease of access to his proposed unit and, best of all, the fact that we could offer all the space he needed in a single unit.

“Moving from several units to one made a big difference. Also, Attic included the use of the forklift and out of hours access in their charges. This made the solution very practical for us, compared to what we had become used to. As a small liquor distributor in London, supplying hotels and restaurants, we needed the confidence to know we could access our stock whenever our customers needed it, and irrespective of how bad traffic in London got.”

The City Beverage Company continued to store with Attic for several years, increasing and reducing space on an ad-hoc, seasonal basis before successfully selling out to Amathus in 2015. Once again, the service quality and personal relationships built up over time ensured the success of this business relationship.