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Start-up business – Craft Rebellion

Martin Ritchie from Craft Rebellion is your stereotypical craft brewing start-up entrepreneur.

Start-up business – Craft Rebellion

Tall, slim, bearded and, once the fashionable headphones have been politely removed from his ears, a suave Scottish accent accompanied by a confident and relaxed smile. We knew the moment he walked through the door we’d get on (nothing to do with the free samples, honest!)

“I was looking for somewhere to trade from” explained Martin. “I kind of set this thing up at home, with a website, and started getting orders and soon I found I just needed more space, as I couldn’t keep all the beer in my lounge.”

Martin needed 50sq ft, but after some discussion, he opted for 100sq ft. “I kind of wanted the extra room so I could it in a table and a printer, because they had wi-fi and so I could print off my orders and packing labels in the storage unit rather than at home” explains Martin.

Within a few months, Martin had doubled his space again to 200 sq ft. It wasn’t long before Martin left altogether, having grown to the point where he needed a dedicated warehouse management service that could offer scale for the future.

“I really enjoyed my time with Attic, the team were always friendly and helpful, every time I walked in to reception. They signed for deliveries for me on a daily basis, which meant we got to know each other pretty well, and that was nice. Start-ups can be lonely places to be initially, so it was nice to feel like I wasn’t on my own”.

The team here at Attic were sad to see Martin go, although we were of course very pleased with his success. “It’s always a double-edged sword when this sort of thing happens,” said Fred, Director of Attic Self Storage. “On the one hand, from a business perspective you never want to see a client leave. And it’s sad to see a friend leave. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic feeling to see them succeed and out-grow us. After all, it’s not so long ago Attic was a start-up (2007), and I remember what it felt like. We wish Martin all the very best, and look forward to new samples being dropped in every now and again!”