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A Seasonal Wardrobe away from home

If you don’t have enough space to house an ever expanding wardrobe or shoe collection, don’t fret – we have the solution.

A Seasonal Wardrobe away from home

Brits are renowned for their love of discussing the famous British weather. We can’t help it – it comes naturally. After all, when you can experience a full range of weather in just 24 hours in one location what would you expect. It’s not surprising therefore that our wardrobes are ever expanding and we find ourselves in a situation where we have a set of out of season clothes that always seem to take up so much space. With storage space in new homes continuing to decrease, having sufficient space for all our clothing is becoming a common problem. Wardrobe space is clearly a growing challenge!

Bulky winter wardrobe

The summer wardrobe is not so much of a challenge to store out of season as clothing is normally quite light and folds away quite well. The bigger problem is those big, bulky winter jumpers – no matter how you fold them you can still only fit a few in a drawer leaving precious little space for your summer attire.

Shoe space

Let’s not forget footwear in all this. Winter boots can take up so much space, particularly if you store them correctly, keeping them straight and padding them out to keep their shape. Before you know it you have a floor to ceiling pile of shoe boxes in the corner of the hall just gathering dust and waiting for winter.

Storing sports equipment

If you’re a fan of winter sports too then you can be fairly certain that after the annual holiday, you’ll not be needing any of the kit again for another 12 months. These things really are bulky and generally can’t be squeezed into a spare drawer or corner of a cupboard. You know that you won’t need access to them either for a long time so there’s really no reason why you need to keep them at home.

Take a storage unit and make managing your wardrobe space a doddle. Attic Self Storage Units come in an array of sizes from 10 square feet upwards so no matter how extensive your shoe collection is, we’ll have something that suits. Find your nearest Attic Self Storage unit today and see how self storage can create wardrobe space for you.