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Business Storage Units

The additional space and flexibility a business storage unit brings can really support your business growth.

Business Storage Units

Many small business owners find themselves in a quandary when they reach a certain size. That’s around about the time when you’ve outgrown your garage and your family is getting fed up of negotiating their way around the piles of stock in the living room. You need to find more business storage space and so, to ensure continued growth, it’s time to find bigger premises.

The difficulty is deciding on what you need. Many rented offices have longer leases or high break clause penalties, and what might be the right size for your growing business today could very well prove too small in the next 6 months. Yet to rent something larger would mean tying up a lot of valuable cash flow in renting potentially unneeded space. So what should you do?

Businesses in this situation can really benefit from the flexibility that a business storage unit can offer. It’s a solution that many small businesses use. At Attic Self Storage, we have a range of units from 10 square feet right up to 500 square feet so you’ll have plenty of room to grow. Just rent whatever space is right for you now and, when the time comes, move to a larger unit. You can even move to a smaller unit if you like. We can even help you with that too.

Flexible storage space can really help drive business growth by making sure that you can invest your time and money in growth strategies as opposed to rent. In addition to the unit, at Attic Self Storage we also offer a range of services to help your business. From delivery collection and receipt to work pods and complimentary 24 hour, 7 days a week access, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. And of course, let’s not forget the free commercial grade WiFi that is available in all of our sites ensuring you stay connected to your customers at all times.

Come and see what we have to offer, or take a tour of our site from the comfort of your desk with our unique VR enabled video. You can get a quote and reserve online in less than 5 minutes. Or, if you’d prefer to speak to someone, then give our friendly team a call on 020 8691 6800.