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What on earth to do with all those sentimental things when you’re ready to move to a smaller home?


It’s a well known fact that having children requires a lot of extra capacity in your home! Over the course of bringing up a family though, many people do inevitably end up moving to a house or flat with more rooms. Sometimes even multiple times! In today’s economic climate, with lower interest rates, many people also view this as a good alternative retirement investment.

Regardless of your motivations, the time will come when you need to downsize. The issue then becomes what to do with all of the possessions and furniture that you have built up over the past 30 years? Families often accumulate an array of different things including old school books, inherited furniture, cots, prams, old clothes, sports equipment, old toys, records and important documents. When you trawl through all of these things, in all likelihood, you will find that you can get rid of some of them at least, even if this is relocating them to your children’s homes (it’s their problem now) but there are still things that you will want to keep.

It may be that you view this home move as a time to start afresh, start with a blank canvas and only move the things that work into your new home. To do this you need space to keep everything from your current home so that once you’ve moved into your new residence, you can decide what will work there, what you want to resurrect from the loft and what you need to keep but just don’t really want in your home.

Renting a storage unit is the ideal way to manage this. Not only will it simplify your move but it will give you space to make decisions as to what you want in your home when you’re ready to. Every unit at Attic Self Storage is individually alarmed, the doors are secured with strong, steel hinges and our sites have electronic access control so you can be certain that all of your things are safe whilst they are with us no matter how long you take to decide what fits into your new home and to dispose of the things you no longer want to keep.

Our team is here to help and any stage in the process from helping to select the right unit size for your needs to even arranging a man and van to move your things for you. You can use our storage space calculator to get an idea of what space you might need and get a quote today.