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Renting out a spare room

Great idea… but just what will you do with all the stuff you’ve got stored in there?

Renting out a spare room

The cost of owning a home in London is expensive. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, have you ever considered renting it out to generate some extra income to help towards the mortgage costs? Many people don’t actually consider this as an option, as they often use their spare room as a storage area. Let’s face it, how often have you had to set aside a couple of hours before some guests arrive to tidy up and make sure that they can actually get in the spare room, let alone sleep on the bed?

From gym equipment and suitcases to tools and paint pots, the spare room is a perfect place to keep them all. Until you need to use it as a room that is!

So if you decide getting a housemate is the option for you then just how do you tidy up the spare room – permanently? That’s where a storage unit comes in. Just treat it as your spare room away from home. You can just move all those things currently residing there straight to your very own storage unit – and you can still get them whenever you need them. How often do you use your suitcases and that tin of bathroom paint anyway. Make your spare room space work for you and who knows – you could afford to move the property ladder sooner than you expected to.

All storage units at Attic Self Storage are fully alarmed so you can be certain that your things will be safe. We try to make the self storage process as simple as possible, you can manage the whole process online, including ID checks, right up to moving in that is. Our experienced team will be on hand to help with any questions that you might have at any step in the process though. If you’ve never used self storage before then have a look at our sites with our VR enabled video. Our unit size calculator is a great tool for helping to decide what sized unit you need too. Get a quote today and start making your space work for you.