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Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Don’t let a lack of storage space put you off pursuing your favourite sport. See our Sports Equipment Storage Solutions below!

Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Exercise Benefits

We’re all aware of the health benefits of regular exercise. The current government advice is for adults to undertake 150 minutes of physical activity each week. How we do this is up to us – whether it’s is a couple of longer sessions or numerous small sessions each day, the intention is clear; we should do all we can to minimise our inactive time as much as possible. Deciding what activity to do and getting started is the more tricky part. You’d be surprised just what an extensive range of sports activities there are in close proximity in London – you’re bound to be able to find something to suit you. And with self storage units available at Attic, you don’t need to let the concern of where to store your sports equipment put you off.

Evidently, the recent lock-down situation in the UK, for one reason or another, seems to have driven people to take more interest in their health and fitness. Searches on Google for exercise and fitness-related terms spiked during March and April 2020. If this continues then we hope that this is at least one positive outcome of the lock-down.

The mental health benefits of regularly doing some form of sport are widely publicised too. In their 2019 survey, Sport England found that those who were regularly active tended to be happier, less anxious and more satisfied with their lives. The number of adults participating regularly in sport also was on the increase with above 60% of the UK adult population doing more than 150 minutes per week. Whilst running and gyms or gym classes seem to be among the most popular physical activities in the UK at present, in reality we are spoilt for choice with so many different sports available.

Local Sports

You might think that you’d have to venture further afield, outside London to benefit however that couldn’t be further from the truth with such a diverse offering right on our doorsteps. If it’s water sports you’re in to then take your pick from canoeing, kayaking, sailing and rowing all available along the docks of the Thames including Shadwell Basin and Surrey Docks. There are several climbing facilities available across London, including our local one in Mile End. London has numerous large parks which are ideal for all kinds of outdoor exercise from cycling to walking or running. When it comes to team sports then you have ample choice of local clubs for football. In Bow, we’re just down the road from Hackney Rugby Football Club, which incidentally is amongst the local causes that Attic Self Storage are proud to support. If indoor is more your cup of tea then there is a whole spectrum of activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home; yoga, Pilates or aerobics. Perhaps you’ve even considered treating yourself to an exercise bike or a treadmill.

Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Whilst for some sports, such as running, very little equipment is needed, some can require a little more and that brings the barrier of where to store your sports equipment. It’s not always practical in London homes but this doesn’t need to be prohibitive. Self storage is an excellent option for sports equipment storage.

Storage of sports equipment such as bikes or cycles, canoes, climbing or fishing gear is very simple in a self storage unit. You can select the size unit you need to store all your sports gear and then just pop by and pick it up whenever you need it. One advantage of Attic Self Storage is that you will have 24 hour access so you could still go for a midnight cycle ride if that’s what you want to do! It also means that you don’t have to clutter up your home with an array of sports equipment. You could even set up your cycling or rowing machine in your storage unit if you wanted to.

Bicycle storage

Sales of bikes have gone through the roof recently but safe and secure cycle storage can be hard to find in London. Outdoor cycle racks do little to protect your bikes from the elements and can be unsecure. With many Londoners also relying on cycles as a mode of transport now, it’s even more important to find some safe bicycle storage near to your home. If cycling is a keen hobby for you or if the whole family have bikes then the challenge is often how to even fit multiple bikes in the home, let alone somewhere away and out of sight that is also easily accessible when you need them.

If you’ve invested in a cycle carrier for the car for trips further afield then this also needs storing somewhere when not in use. If you’ve not thought of it before then consider using a self storage unit for secure cycle storage. You can maximise the space inside the unit by using a bike rack which also makes accessing them simple. Attic self storage has easy, step free accessible units that are all individually alarmed and large lifts should you prefer a unit that is not on the ground floor. PIN code access also means that you can let other members of the family have access easily without the need to share a key.

Winter Sports Equipment Storage

Winter sports equipment is an ideal candidate for a self storage unit. Whilst many do prefer to buy their own equipment, particularly boots, over time to save on the costs of hiring and also because, well frankly using boots that someone else has just sweated into is not exactly the most appealing thing, they are cumbersome to store and are rarely used more than once or twice a year if you’re lucky.

An alternative approach is to store all your winter sports equipment, toboggan included, in a local self storage unit – why not store your suitcases at the same time too! It’s probably even easier than putting them into your loft – should you be lucky enough to have one! Just give us a call and let our team know you’re looking for winter sports equipment storage and they will be happy to find the right unit for you.

From golf storage to surfboard storage or cycle storage to football storage – whatever your sport, Attic Self Storage can help find the right sports storage solution for you. Contact us today to get a quote and view our units.