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A Busy Time for Business

February has flown by and the month of March is upon us. Before you know it March will have marched […]

A Busy Time for Business

February has flown by and the month of March is upon us. Before you know it March will have marched past and it’ll be April all over again.

For a lot of companies this is the end – and beginning – of the financial year and a time when even the most organized office can become awash with tax returns, cost projections and paperwork.

So how can you keep your sensitive company financial info and personal customer details data-protection-act-compliant and under control all year round?

Take The AAAGH Out Of Archiving

Attic Self Storage offers a selection of super secure, video-monitored storage solutions for your company records and archive storage.

Our dry, clean, modern secure storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your business. S, M, L, and XL. They’re the ideal place to keep paper archives, computer discs, hard-drives, tax returns, sensitive documents or anything remotely confidential safe from prying eyes or sticky fingers.

Wheel in your own lockable filing cabinets and you’re all set.

Secure Access, Easy Retrieval

No one can access your unit without a unique passcode and the key, or combination, of your personal lock.

Not only are your archives safe and sound, they are also readily accessible should you ever need to dig into them – 24 hour access, 365 days a year allows you to retrieve information any time you like, morning, noon or night.

To help you de-clutter your office, streamline your operation and get nice and organized in time for spring, here’s a handy alphabetical list of the type of bits and bobs you can archive at Attic:


  • Archived accounts in arch files
  • Bookkeeping books in boxes
  • Confidential client and customer correspondence
  • Data discs of delivery details
  • Employees earnings in your employment
  • Files full of facts
  • Guarantees and Government Guidelines
  • HR hard drives
  • Indexed information
  • Jobs just completed
  • Knowledge and Know how
  • Legal letters
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Notes and notices
  • Office overheads
  • Private paperwork
  • Quarterly quotations
  • Recruitment records
  • Super sensitive spreadsheets
  • Tax returns
  • Unpaid invoices
  • VAT files
  • Written reports
  • X-rated material
  • Years and years of your most
  • Zealously guarded secrets

Attic At Your Service

Apart from offering a safe home for your company archives, Attic Self Storage can provide you with warm, bright, fully-equipped meeting rooms; a postal address and postbox; and all the space you need to store your stock, tools, machinery, office furniture and electronic equipment as well. In fact just about anything your business needs to do business.

Attic Self Storage. For the past, present and future of your company.