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Make the Most of Spring Bank Holiday

Spring bank holiday is about to spring itself upon you. Monday 27th May is the last bank holiday in ...

24 May 2019

Make the Most of March

February’s finished and the month of mad March hares and multiple moments of merriment is upon us. I...

13 Mar 2019

W T F(ebruary) is Going On?

Oh my goodness. The sun came out. And now it’s official. Monday the 25th of February 2019, was the h...

27 Feb 2019

Shop Storage Solutions for a Nation of Shopkeepers

It was supposedly Napoleon Bonaparte who referred to England, or the UK as a whole, as ‘a nation of ...

21 Feb 2019

The Lasting Appeal of the Cardboard Box

A couple of years ago we wrote a blog about the history of the cardboard box, and it’s still getting...

21 Feb 2019

Making Your House Move Eco Friendly

‘Carbon footprint’, ‘global warming’, ‘green living’, ‘eco-friendly’ – rewind a decade or two and ve...

21 Feb 2019

Eat, Drink and Ask Alexa About Attic

In a flurry of bags, boxes, wrapping paper, tinsel, trees and chocolate-coated over indulgence Chris...

22 Dec 2018

Attic on the Airwaves

When BBC Radio London needed an expert to talk about storage last Wednesday evening, guess who they ...

19 Nov 2018

Bonfire Night Burning Bright

Whizz, bang, ka-boom! Whoosh, crackle, pop! Remember, remember the 5th of November they say. But wit...

5 Nov 2018