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Shop Storage Solutions for a Nation of Shopkeepers

It was supposedly Napoleon Bonaparte who referred to England, or the UK as a whole, as ‘a nation of shopkeepers’. […]

Shop Storage Solutions for a Nation of Shopkeepers

It was supposedly Napoleon Bonaparte who referred to England, or the UK as a whole, as ‘a nation of shopkeepers’. Whether it was meant as an insult or not, it is truer now in 2017 than it ever was in the late 1700s.

New Estate Agents, Coffee Shops and Bookies seem to spring up like a rash every week, but if you look carefully, you’ll find tiny clothes boutiques, second-hand bookstores and funky independent retailers still plying their trade, against all the odds and rental hikes.

Shop Local

We love these little local shops. They keep London from becoming bland and give our streets a bit of colour and character. More power to their elbows, we say, especially if they don’t have much elbowroom.

Rent Shop Space

If you’re running a small shop and you’re feeling hemmed in, it might be worth talking to Attic Self Storage about how to free up some space. Whether it’s garment rails, piles of excess stock or ten years of accounting files you need to store, we’ve got as much space as you need.

Making Space For Virtual Shops

Little did the diminutive French Emperor know – zut alors! – that today British Shopkeepers wouldn’t even need a physical shop space to be open for business.

With the advent of eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, Amazon and the rest, anybody with an Internet connection and something to sell can find an online outlet for it nowadays. Whether you’re flogging records, jewellery, ceramics, handmade and vintage clothes, candles, comics, artwork, bric-a-brac, furniture or fur coats for Chihuahuas there’s plenty of space for you on the World Wide Web. The only problem with running an online shop is where to keep your stock.

The Storage Shop

That’s where we fit in again. If you don’t want to have mountains of boxes cluttering up your garage, hall and backroom at home, Attic Self Storage in Bow and King’s Cross can provide the extra space you need to store your wares. Safe, sound and secure with 24-hour access. We can even provide you with a mailing address should you need one for bills and invoicing.

In The Market For Shopping

Our storage facilities are conveniently positioned if you want to get out there and take what you’re selling to market. Our Wick Lane HQ is a handy stock room for Roman Road, Brick Lane and Spitalfields markets in the East. Our new facility on York Way is ideal if you’re thinking of setting up stall in Islington, Camden or at one of the many pop-up car boot sales that have become a regular feature in the King’s Cross area.

The Hackney Flea Market

If you fancy trying your luck as a market trader in the next few weeks, you could do a lot worse than attend the Hackney Flea Market – Saturday 5th August 11am until Sunday 6th August 6pm at Abney Hall, 73A Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 OAY. £35 buys you a 6ft X 6ft space with a table. They’ll even provide you with a chair so that you can sit down while you do your selling. Contact [email protected] for further details and bookings.

Shop Online For Space

If you’re shopping around for storage space in North or East London, Attic Self Storage is your friendly local shop. Pop in and see us in person or visit us online at We might be one of the smaller outfits, but like Napoleon, little by little, we’re carving out an empire.

Croissant, anyone?