Storage in London for Business and Personal Use

The world of self storage is growing in popularity. With cost of land rising consistently year on year, many businesses and individuals are turning to self storage facilities in order to keep various items safe and secure. Storage in London in particular is incredibly popular, but who is using these storage facilities and why?

Business Use for Storage in London

Storage in London has grown significantly in popularity. With commercial property prices considerably higher than in previous years, particularly in heavily populated areas such as London, storage solutions are proving cost efficient ways to store excess and unnecessary items. Historically, businesses might have rented commercial space accounting for the need for storage space. However, when compared with the price per square metre for storage in London from companies like Attic Storage, it can prove much better value for businesses to hold items that aren’t regularly required off site. Businesses store a range of items. In the retail sector, storage in London is often used for surplus stock or seasonal merchandising. For office based companies, excess office furniture is often stored in self storage facilities.

Personal Use for Storage in London

Consumers use storage in London for a number of reasons. Of course consumers will tend to use self storage facilities due to a lack of space in their home or property. Again, with property prices higher than in previous years, many consumers have opted for a smaller property at a lower cost and the ongoing use of a self storage facility for the ‘bits and bobs’ required on the ad hoc occasion. Storage facilities are often regularly used when moving home. With the transitional process being somewhat cluttered, many find it useful to leave a large portion of their belongings in self storage in the interim period while they get settled in the new property. Finally, international students and individuals going travelling will use London storage facilities to keep their items during the summer and winter breaks. It can be more cost effective for people going travelling to leave their items in self storage while they’re away if they rent a property as monthly costs will be considerably lower than that of renting.

Attic Storage for London Storage

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