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Storage Wall Art Project

Making Room For Art In Kings X To coincide with the launch and opening of Attic Self Storage we’ve decided […]

Storage Wall Art Project

Making Room For Art In Kings X

To coincide with the launch and opening of Attic Self Storage we’ve decided to get a bit artistic.

After removing the graffiti, we will have a big white outside back wall space (30’ x 200’) you see, a blank urban canvas, and we thought it would be cool to turn it over to a local artist, or artists, to create something wonderful… give their work some exposure… enhance the local environment… create a piece of living art to compliment the green wild flower garden we’re creating on the roof.

We’re not looking to cover the wall in a sea of paste-ups from some trust-funded wannabe Banksy, we’re looking for something new and fresh and original. Walls often divide communities, we want ours to unite the world!

It has to be something that fits the local area. Something celebratory, perhaps, or something full of social comment that makes people walking by question their very existence. We’re currently in discussions with Central Saint Martins, just down the road from Attic, about exactly how they can help us turn this idea into a reality.

Before we can open the space up to the artists, however, we need to come up with a name for the space itself. We’ve been calling it the ‘Backwall Gallery’ in the office, but that doesn’t really have much of a ring to it, and we’re hoping you might be able to help choose a better moniker.

Here are a few suggestions from our own super-friendly, highly-creative, front-of-house customer support team at Wick Lane:

  • Back Wall
  • Sunny Wall
  • All Wall Gallery
  • Wall of Art
  • Attic Wall
  • Art Wall
  • The Great Wall of King’s X
  • Outside Gallery
  • Blank Canvas
  • The Těte Gallery
  • Open Space
  • Whitewall
  • Studio Stucco
  • The Alternative Landscape Gallery
  • Paint Event Space
  • Landscape Art Box
  • Holloway Freedom Wall
  • Wall and Peace
  • Call All Artists
  • It we Paint it They Will Come
  • Art Fresco
  • Blank Space
  • No Tags
  • Turquoise
  • Whiter Shade of Wall
  • Back Against the Wall Gallery
  • The Nozzle is Mightier than the Muzzle
  • Spray Can Alley
  • Paint the Town Fred
  • Urban Frame
  • York Way Wall
  • Palette o’Pictures
  • Urban Palette
  • Bill Sticker’s Back Wall Gallery
  • Wonder Wall

Ok, that last one isn’t so much a suggestion, as a song I’ve got stuck in my head at the moment.

If you like the sound of any of those names, please let me know. Or if you can think of a better title altogether, send it in, and if we use it, you’ll be invited to our exclusive launch party when it happens.

We might even get you to crack a bottle of champagne over our new building and help us to launch the good ship outdoor art gallery, AKA Wall-y McWall Face.

Hang on, that’s not bad…

Stay creative!