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The Lasting Appeal of the Cardboard Box

A number of years ago we wrote a blog about the history of the cardboard box, and it’s still getting hits to this day. We aren’t quite sure why.

The Lasting Appeal of the Cardboard Box

What’s the hidden attraction of these somewhat unsexy storage items? Who cares about corrugated containers? How come Attic Self Storage is seen as some sort of cardboard box expert?

Why The Interest In Cardboard Boxes?

Perhaps it’s because there are a lot of tremendously bored people out there in the worldwide webiverse looking for something other than flat earth theories to believe in. Maybe there are herds of children researching the subject for a school project (are cardboard boxes part of the national curriculum now?). Or could it be because so many of us are now actively searching for alternatives to single use plastic?

Cardi B Vs Cardboard Box

If you’re fed up with hearing which female rapper has ‘beef’ with the world, what the latest depressing predictions for Brexit are or who’s broken the internet by baking a sponge, gyrating their arse or eating a stick insect, we’re here to save you with more exciting cardboard box news:

Attic Self Storage Tick All The Boxes

  • Our cardboard boxes are some of the best quality boxes in the self storage business
  • The majority of Attic Self Storage cardboard boxes are tough, double-walled, remover-standard boxes (resilient enough for more than one move).
  • The thickness of the card, plus top quality glue combine to make our boxes strong and longer lasting than most celebrity marriages.
  • We stock a variety of sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and bloomin’ enormous.
  • We have wardrobe boxes, flat screen TV boxes, boxes for books, boots and boogie boards.
  • If you have printed documents, customer records and company paperwork to file, we also stock small, medium and large archive boxes.
  • The Amazon jungle is safe because all our cardboard boxes are made from material that is sourced from sustainable forests

Bargain Basement Boxes

We also stock a value range of medium cardboard boxes that come in packs of 10. These are single walled boxes and are ideal for single use, such as moving house or taking a pile of old clothes to the charity shop.

Long Live The Cardboard Box

Did you know that all cardboard boxes eventually soften and weaken as they absorb moisture from the atmosphere? Well they do. Happily, our double walled boxes will last years longer than cheaper single walled boxes, which will start to become noticeably softer after around a year.

You’ll find our double walled boxes are also far better for carrying heavy items, less likely to tear or distort and are ideal for packing things away in one of our storage units.

Recyclable Plastic Boxes

There is one hardwearing alternative to using a cardboard box. Attic Self Storage also stock some exceptional plastic crates – The Really Useful range. These aren’t the cheapest on the market but are made from recyclable plastic, which is good for the planet, and are very good quality.

Unlike cheaper items from other stores (including some well known DIY shops) they are extremely strong and won’t flex or break easily. They also interlock to stack safely and feature lids that lock down – features you won’t find in cheaper boxes.

The Last Word In Storage

Attic Self Storage does so much more than provide storage space. We sell bubble wrap, parcel tape, locks, clips and all sorts of storage containers. And as you may have gathered, we are quite the authority when it comes to cardboard boxes.

One final example: in France there’s a museum of cardboard and printing called Musée du Cartonnage et de l’Imprimerie, which features early cardboard boxes that were made to transport silkworm moths and eggs.

Yes indeed, Attic Self Storage is the place to come if you want concrete facts about cardboard.