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Bitten by the travelling bug?

Are you dreaming of your next escape to explore far off lands? Don’t be pulled down by baggage at home.

Bitten by the travelling bug?

There are more options than ever to go and explore the world. Don’t be held back by your baggage at home at home. Whether it’s a break after university before you start working life or if you’re taking extended leave a period of travel can bring real experience and benefits. From a round-the-world trip to a road trip across Europe, whatever you’ve set your sights on, make sure you bring your dreams to life.

Rent out your home while you’re away

In the not too distant past, long trips abroad were the remit of gap years and those in their early 20s however now it’s far more feasible than ever travel even when you have children. Platforms such as Air B ’n’ B mean it’s far easier to rent out a property while you’re away to help fund your travels too. When embarking on such well-made plans you don’t want to be distracted by worry about the security of your treasured possessions that you’ve left at home. You can remove all this worry, simply by renting out a travel storage unit and storing your most precious items there, safe and sound until you return.

Working abroad

Travel opportunities can come up at work too and self-storage is a good way of making this process easier. It’s often not practical to ship all of your possessions to your new home immediately, it’s best to see how things pan out first and make sure you have the ideal accommodation. Often these opportunities can turn in to long term moves and should that be the case then we can help you arrange shipping of any of your things in storage to your new destination whenever you need them.

All of our units are individually alarmed and our sites are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day and so whatever your reasons for travel, you can be free to enjoy your time safe in the knowledge that all your possessions are in safe hands.