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Business outgrown your home?

Is your home business now taking over your living room? Reclaim that space for your leisure.

Business outgrown your home?

Over 70% of all new businesses in the UK start from home. With the internet facilitating this by providing access to international markets from your own sofa, it’s really not surprising that so many people choose this route. Starting up a business from home enables you to really minimise your costs and test your ideas without the risk of hiring alternative premises. With the growth of your enterprise, it can be very common to find yourself gradually taking over your home. Before long you’ll find you have piles of papers adorning the living room floor and your stock providing a new coffee table. At this point it’s probably time to start making alternative plans before you find yourself no longer able to get into your home.

Separate your business and home

When you work and live in the same place, it can be difficult to make sure that you have sufficient space to relax and have a little time away too. We understand that running a business is not 9-5 and can be all-consuming but it is important to really take a little time away every once in a while.

Nonetheless, however much you find yourself needing to find a new office, it can be really time consuming. You’ll need to find something suitable in the right location and also the right size. But how do you decide on what the right size is and how do you get the terms that suit you.

Extra space for your business

There is another option however. Renting a business storage unit is an ideal interim step. A storage unit will give you the extra space you need instantly. Somewhere secure to store all your business things, close to home or your customers, whichever you prefer. Attic Self Storage units are all individually alarmed and you will have complimentary 24 hours access meaning that you can access your business as often as you did when it was at home – should you want to. Our electronic entry systems mean that you can control who accesses your unit too, so when you find yourself needing to take on employees then they can also have access – if that’s what you want, of course!

Find out how a business storage unit could work for you by getting a quote today. You could even move in straight away – that’s just one less thing for you to worry about.