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Home Improvements

Give yourself room to work,and protect your belongings from dust and damage.

Home Improvements

Home renovation always sounds like a lovely idea at the outset. The planning is fun – for a major change, perhaps it might even mean working with an architect to plan a new layout or the addition of new rooms. At the very least you’ll be planning a colour scheme, spending hours at your local DIY store trying to choose between two very similar shades of teal. Or trawling the internet for hours trying to decide on the perfect piece of furniture for your lovely new space.

Then comes the more difficult part. First, it’s the question of how to select the right builder and tradespeople. How do you know that they’ll do a good job? It’s always a worry – but you can reduce this by asking for references and selecting one who is recommended by current clients. Make sure any quote is detailed – the less detail you’re given, the more you should be concerned. If you can view some of their work then that’s even better. Incidentally, that’s what we would recommend when choosing a personal storage company too – ask lots of questions, and get recommendations – you can check out our Google reviews.

Once you’ve made your choice then the work can begin. It’s about this time for many that reality dawns and you realise that in order to create more space in your home, you’ve actually got to live with a lot less in the short term. For starters, where on earth do you store all that furniture that you’ve cleared out of the work area for a couple of months – there’s only so many times you can squeeze past your wardrobe to get to the dining room table for breakfast! It’s just not practical for 6 weeks. Then there’s the builder’s tools – it feels as though they are taking up all the space you just cleared and more. And when the work really starts, there’s the dust – it gets everywhere – and we mean everywhere. You’ll be finding it for months!

There must be an easier way, right? Yes, you could rent yourself a personal storage unit and avoid all of this hassle. We’ve got plenty of these at Attic Self Storage for whatever you need to store – furniture, clothes, children’s toys or the lot. Simply move your bulky furniture and your precious possessions into your storage unit before the work starts, and then just move them back when you’re ready. You can even store clothes, books or perhaps your shoe collection.

Remember to pack all your things carefully – we also stock Really Useful plastic creates which are strong, clear, secure and stackable – ideal for DIY projects in every sense.

Creating space in this way also has another benefit too – your builders will be able to progress more quickly if they haven’t got to climb over a mountain of things every time they need to cross the room! What’s more, if your things are in an Attic Self Storage unit, you know that they’ll be safe and secure until you need them again. If you do need them then you know you can always access them at Attic Self Storage as we offer complimentary access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now that’s one way to make home renovations far more appealing! Find the right storage unit for you here